The antics of the dysfunctional staff of Sutton branch of a mobile phone retailer. Sugar Rush Series Languages Nederlands Edit links. How social unrest and Chicago’s…. Royal Marines Commando School Series 1. Trigger Happy TV Series

Come Dine with Me Series Nathan Barley Series 1. Christopher forms a close friendship with Janine, although she sometimes uses him to her own advantage, such as when she persuades him to play the role of a psychopathic hard man in order to impress an ex boyfriend. Jerwayne perceives himself to be a highly successful salesman and irresistible ladies’ man, and often boasts of his supposed success with women. British comedy series in which Kayvan Novak takes on the guise of various eccentric characters as he prank calls unsuspecting business owners and members of the public. Christopher comes to look up to his more streetwise colleagues and becomes keen to be treated as their equal, despite being unable to shake off the disparaging nickname “New-man.

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As a result of his unpredictability, he is mostly treated with wariness and deference by the team, who are all too aware of the ease with which his volcanic temper can be provoked.

Ashley is shown in glimpses to be skilled with and appreciative of language; he describes poems he has accidentally received from male British Army soldiers stationed in Afghanistan as “elegantly structured” and often uses thoughtful and advanced vocabulary, albeit punctuated with slang and swear words.


The Undateables Box Set Series PhoneShop is created, written, produced and directed by Phil Bowker, who is also a comedy editor at the production company behind the show, Talkback Thames.

The Specials 16 Episodes. Scrapheap Challenge Series The Devil’s Whore Series 1. Magnifica 70 Series 1. Initially scorned and treated as the butt of various jokes and mockery by Jerwayne and Ashley, he gradually settles into his role and integrates into the team successfully. The Phonsshop Crowd Series No Offence Series Retrieved from ” https: Deutschland 83 Series 1.

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Not Safe for Work Series 1. It was then followed by a six-episode series that was commissioned on Seties and broadcasting began on 7 October Balls of Steel Box Set Series With star salesman Little Gary Patel still detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure, the ever resourceful sales staff of PhoneShop Sutton are feeling the pinch – something has to be done.

Cardinal Burns Series Adam Deacon stars as the store manager from Croydon. Share this Rating Title: Janine has a colourful history with men; she persuades Christopher to pretend to be her thuggish, criminal boyfriend in order to make an ex partner jealous. Lance is a middle aged, overweight man who lives in constant fear of his unstable wife Shelley. Cenk Batu Series 1. Audio Described Shows Channel 4 is committed to providing audio description on an increasing number of shows.


Comedy involving celebrity stalker Avid Merrion, and a whole host of “celebrities”. Scrapheap Challenge Series Please update your browser for a better experience of All4.

Chewing Gum Series 1. Pure Evil Series 1. Gadget Man Series Toast of London Series Seven Year Switch Australia Series 1. Misfits Box Set Series Pete Versus Life Series Gary’s presence looms over the PhoneShop team.

One Born Every Minute Series Bad Robots Series Moz is a drug dealer and has very strange clientele who come and go from his flat. Ashley 19 episodes, Nick’s Law Series 1. Cuzzy still ;honeshop Jerwayne feel seres threatened that, rather than admit he works in a Phone Shop, he claims to Razz has an obsession with Mixed Martial Arts and rarely misses an opportunity to demonstrate his supposed talents in this field, although it is later revealed he has very little idea of how to fight using martial arts at all.

Retrieved 9 February Gadget Man Series Friday Night Dinner Series Run Box Set Series 1. Nathan Barley Series 1.

Jerwayne and Ashley teach him the tricks of the trade.