More tsundere Niko pls. Yeah, they really wrapped it up in 1 episode. Also lol’d at ending. What Eternia is talking about is Kuroyuki will usually tell Haruyuki well that COULD happen but since this person is so and so there is a special move so we need to think of a new plan. That would be thee miracle to see should it happen. Talks about rain which makes me think second half will be more depressing and struggles will be much more harder. The next episode should be interesting with Chiyo and her avatar.

I find it funny when he’s eating and crying at the same time. Niko acting all tsundere at the end there was cute. Second in the spoiler we have a person from the Blue Team starting up some shit along with multi mistrusts around going on. Ahhhh fuck Haru’s got the Armor now. I want some real plot development, this show has no impact for me right now. Her smile is cute when she wants Haru to recommend a game. No one had this power for over 7 years that the game has existed.

Accel World Episode 12 Discussion

And Kuro explained it at the last second, not when she gave him that software. Gifs and more on the club!!: I hope the violation is not acel or anything but just a pact transgression. Did anybody notice this? Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhht So much, I want her to do that to me! Having a sword in your stomach Taku lived through that kinda surprised me though.


Here are some anime links

Google GloZell1 on You Tube. Accel World Second Season Information: Now get moving and die bravely!

Now IMO the only way to kill it is to disintegrate in the beam in one shot that pebble or the whole thing plainly. About the preview, shit is about to hit hard! I’m gonna miss Niko. Preparing myself for all the RAGE that will happen.

Meanwhile, they can walk around as a ghost within a 10 meter radius of their marker.

I was expecting that fight with CD to be a bit grittier and flashier. And what I also liked, was that he didn’t stop his attack after Cherry Rook came to his senses more or less; he still wore the Animeultiima Armor after all.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. But I was wondering about all the crying and gnashing of teeth when people died.

Healer too I presume. How amazing can you get?

Oh oh, I think Haruyuki got infected by ‘that’ thing. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Needs a stronger plot phase.

This show just doesn’t seem as interesting as it did in the first few episodes. Red wanted to take care of it, but cannot because of “parent”. Imagine Hime having been infected by this. Cherry just want to gain back his own dignity to stay beside Niko, just like how Haru want to be strong just to stay side by side with BlackLotus. I was going to say that Haru was finally on the verge of finding his inner badass, and then he went and undid it all afcel crying over cookies.


While waiting for the Sub of Sword Art Online Episode 12, you can take a rest and sleep so that tomorrow Episode 12 Subbed will greet you. I have finally figured it out!

XD Ah good times good times.

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Don’t take away Haruyuki! Touring the Olympic Peninsula: Peace out my only friend. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Now for the comment, quite simply spectacular. I believe there is a fun little sketch out there of that idea. Kuro is trying her best against the enemy and encouraging Haru at the same time. I don’t know, but maybe because they self moderate?

This Blog Has Moved! Even though accel world is more than just a game to them I’m surprised I don’t see kiddie avatars going around yelling faaaaaaggggggoot.