His job is to maintain the presidential appearance for the interim period. Oh please, A military Coup and people are happy, why make a big deal? Youssef focused on Islamist TV coverage of the event and how these channels demonised anti-Morsi protesters. My husband kept naming people like Fouda and Ashour, as if he’s accusing me. I’m dying to know, who came up with the idea that you can sacrifice some people. What kind of future do you see for your relationship with your cousin?

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: I’m talking about the pressure we feel to appear in front of the people. Granted it was to swear at him, but at least the family was united. So what if the country can distract itself with a new revolution every two years. I don’t think anyone can speak up after all these figures, right? You’re the ones who are Phtoshop. OK, so are you happy with this well respected man that your cousin brought you?

He will expose all the mistakes, no matter which part has done them.

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Hold your horses ma’am, what water pump are you talking about. Full English Subtitles 0 Followers. The important question is whether or not he’s qualified for the position.

Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. The TV host continues his critique of the Muslim Brotherhood, showing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie being caught on camera during the presidential campaign encouraging candidates to include the phrase “retribution for the martyrs. The day that Khaled Youssef directs a revolution, it will be a smooch fest. How can a revolution built on the principals of freedom and democracy. For sure, I will not side with the people who called us infidels and attacked us.


He’s acting like Si El-Sayed. Season 2- episode 5a. Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: It’s clear that there is a discrepancy over the exact figures that demonstrated. I cannot stand with people who are calling for and aspiring for causing a division in the military. OK, it seems he is a very rough man. The premiere episode of the second season aired on 23 November on the privately-owned CBC channel.

It is difficult for me to overlook the amount of people who are treated unfairly. Bassem Youssef’s official Facebook page. No my dear, Bassem Youssef belongs to no part, he belongs to the Egyptian people, who are gifted by Heaven to have one like him. My husband kept naming people like Fouda and Ashour, as if he’s accusing me. Does his appearance that gives an impression of seriousness and rigidity.

His job is to maintain the presidential appearance for the interim period. In the end it all comes down to whether or not your opinion aligns with my own. The guy was placed in this position against his will.

Season 1- 28 January We make it rightaway. If your perspective is that the ruling power was at your fingertips. The episode aired on 21 December on CBC.

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Zeinab ElGundyFriday 25 Oct We really liked the idea of putting General Sisy’s picture on chocolate. Use the following code seaxon embed this video.

See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Unfortunately, our current internal and external political situation. They threw themselves in the arms of the one who feels their pain. Season 2- episode 3b. What is this strange relationship between Egypt’s army and Egypt’s people. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. Weren’t you, the Ikwan, who vomited all the venom of this world when he was putting into light the Ikhwan unscrupulous deeds?


Watch Bassem Youssef’s ten most talked about episodes

Besides, are you forgetting the sheer numbers who took to the streets. What happened was wrong, and many innocent people were dragged into the violence. They raised the gallows for us and publicly called for our murder or improsinement. Youssef continued to mock the hosts of Islamist TV channels, focusing on their incitement eenglish hate.

OK, so are you happy with this well respected man that your cousin brought you?

Season 2- episode 4a. Bassem Youssef criticised his new channel, the channel’s owner, as well its hosts.

But I hope that the kids can get up so they don’t get bleep in the head. Egypt satirist Bassem Youssef to return to airwaves after long hiatus. The finale of the second season aired on 28 Junetwo days before the massive 30 June protests that led to the ousting of president Morsi on 3 July.

When you speak of Sadat, do you remember his picture, or the 6th of October. We welcome criticism of our reports and articles but we will not publish personal attacks, slander or fabrications directed against our reporters and contributing writers. At the same time, I am not for hypocrisy, scare tactics, and sfason. Season March