Arre saans phulna shuru ho gayi yaaro.. It ran for a silver jubilee in the city and continues to be hot favourite for expats from US to Dubai and Europe to New Zealand, he says, proudly. Kittib taarif kareso km hota. Poison boleto scent ko bolte. I would break into hyderabadi biryani any time with yo movements in the hand. Because hilariousness has no limit

He met numerous people, investigated the culture of NRI’s living in Hyderabad, and learned about the working conditions in call centres. Noah Ngeny spelt Nayan gets ahead of El G in an epic finish in the m at sydney olympics. Retrieved from ” https: The clips include people re-enacting some of the most popular segments from the movie. Salam maalikum Ismail Bhai. I never thought that people would talk like that or even behave like that in real life until I discovered gradually in the next 4 years that The Angrez was just a trailer to the hyderabadi-nawabi-lifestyle. Dan Osman – Flirting with death Free running – Great music and awesome, god level video Free running2 Free running founder Treadmill dancing Running videos Galore Kenyans running – Great one The last minute of Paul Tergat’s marathon world record. Udar pappi, idar pappi deke..

As it is autowala tales are so entertaining, their legendary stories would be on a different level with a pinch of hyderabadi hindi. Ismail bhai ke patte hai, pachees saal se charminar pe baitahumeri kuch iszad hai yaron Paanch paanch cup icecream khaaye.

Mama and gang mistakenly kidnap Anyrez. By now even the faculties not more than 4 years elder to me saw and noticed my dialogues. This article is closed for comments.


These 10 Dialogues May Prove That You Are Hyderabadi

Mai bhi jataon ghar ko goodnight boleto kya bolri malum. I just got to watch the movie Angrez. Pranay and Rochak succeed in making the two gangs fight against each other and manage their escape.

Sab maje me hain? Ab Banjara Hills ya se pachis 25 kilometer hai. Akbar bin tabar ke dialogue hona boleto idhar chalejao Pachis saal se Charminar me baita hua hoon, Kuch izzat hain movoe I think angrez released sometime during October-november Wikipedia is wrong. Email required Address never made public.

Mast Ali contrary to his excessively boasting Saleem Pheku character, he never brags in real life. Manager, cleaning company manager,cleaning company manager!! Main roz nikalne se pehle idhar udhar, shirt meinchaddi mein dalke nikalto. Khali ladon se diye. Gupta January 8, at Two people from Dialogufs had come for the workshop. Abhishek February 21, at 4: Retrieved 20 September Kya mia 10 rupai kee numaish phone see bhat kare too kya sunee mogie Saleem: Baba pe nako jao.

Angrez returns with loads of Hyderabadi humour

Tuesday, March 18, Angrez Dialogues It would get a smile on my face. February 1, at 2: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Arre chal ja re East Coast Road, Chennai. I had dialpgues pass areas which were a bit high on hyderabadi hindi while going to my college and animation class.

I guess this was the first time typical hyderabadi behaviour was shown on screen not the bollywoodised mehmood and johny lever. The director and writer of the movie, Kuntaa Nikkil, who also played the dialohues character ‘Pranai’ in the film, had already worked as an assistant director in the United States. Assorted running, biking and rock climbing videos Free soloing: Mai bola ek aaall mixed fruit juice la bola.


Ismail bhai’s second wife: Aisa baithe saamne se Mallika dheki.

The Angrez – Wikipedia

Retrieved 11 February Aa gaya Salim Pheku. The movie was a trend-setter at that time, as it was one of the first to effectively and humorously, often resorting to the slapstick kind, portray the dialect of the Old City, Hyderabad and the Hyderabadi tongue. Newer Post Older Post Home. Scipt was still under the hangover of hanji while I came across hyderabadi hindi.

Angrez returns with loads of Hyderabadi humour – The Hindu

There have been some offers from Bollywood, but they did not appeal much to him. Others have adopted the Hyderabadi “style” and come up with new material. The success of The Angrez can be attributed to the spontaneity of the humour whereas in the movies that followed, the humour looks forced. Kayko boleto, hm loga padh lete.

Kya mia 10 rupai kee numaish phone see bhat kare too kya sunee aatee Saleem: Woh duplicate tumhare baba lagate.

Phir lapatne aate hi, mail bola, dheko control me raho.