Retrieved September 10, After Jonica notices Redd’s constant pleads for attention, the rest of the girls decide to take a step back. The girls go to the Sears Tower. Retrieved August 28, That put us in a “we’re on a break but working on things” zone. Jenn and Jonica Sitting In a Tree

The episode picks up with the fight between Jada and Britt. Dalila comes out and has unfinished business with Britt leading to Dalila slapping Britt. Raesha immediately fits in with everyone except for Aysia. Meanwhile, Britt aims for a new target. Views Read View source View history. Redd comes out with a lot to say to Jada.

Jonica On Her Relationship With Jenn: It’s Complicated…

However, we still reacted to things as if there were rules! The roommates try to put their differences aside as they head north on a trip to Lake Genevabut Redd finds herself on the warpath as her simmering feud with one roommate leads to a fiery altercation. Retrieved June 25, The girls have a calendar photo shoot.

Dalila voluntarily leaves the house. Retrieved July 2, As Jada continues to get on the girls’ nerves, Loren steps up to handle the situation. After quickly realizing she messed up, Aysia and Jada make amends.

New dlub Dalila enters the house insulting everyone. New girl Aysia wastes no time coming to make friends leading to a physical altercation between her and Jada. New replacement Raesha arrives to the mansion. Sexy features–maybe a cute smile, maybe pretty eyes, maybe freckles but something simply sexy.


Retrieved May 8, The girls head off to Barcelona leaving Alex starting to wonder who her real friends are in the house after an altercation with Loren and Jonica. Retrieved September 3, I think Jenn and I originally broke up because we were constantly arguing about her attitude. Linsey attacks the camera crew which leads to her departure. I’m not going anywhere unless she wants me to. Her next boo will have to date both of us!

Meet the Cast: Jonica

What’s going on with you and Jenn? Linsey and Jada have multiple fights in the limo ending with a cliffhanger. This page was last edited on 17 Januaryat Aysia finds out her grandma died. The fight between Linsey and Jada leads Linsey to snap. After Jada goes backstage stating she’s leaving, that doesn’t sit well with Redd and Britt. Redd comes out with a lot to say to Jada.

I play all day so my partner has to love to have fun. Alyssa is removed from the house. Alexandria is kicked out of the house.


Meet the Cast: Jonica |

Girls have to keep their nails and toenails done–no exceptions! TV by the Numbers. Jada finally comes back to the house but Loren won’t let her get a pass until a monica occurs. Retrieved July 30, Check out photos of Jenn and Jonica below! After Jonica notices Redd’s constant pleads for attention, the rest of the girls decide to jonicaa a step back.

Alyssa voluntarily leaves the house. Dynamics are questioned when Jonica’s girlfriend arrives. The girls go to the Sears Tower. Redd returns to the house.

As far as my love life goes Retrieved August 28, The Hunt For Justice Snapped. Retrieved May 21, Retrieved June 18, We caught up with Blu to find out her ever-changing ‘ship status with Jenn, what she looks for in an ideal partner, and more!

Cute body that doesn’t mean perfect, just cute. Retrieved August 6, We’re in love with each other–but we’re single! Retrieved May 29, Loren has a huge argument with Aysia.