Another feature in the game is the Wikizoob, where it tracks the Information of the Zooble the player unlocked in the game. The rest of them run away and the Darkus Cyclone Percival then fires an attack and Ben falls down. Hokkaido being the northernmost prefecture and Okinawa being the southernmost one, the population of million is the worlds tenth largest. However, before they can attack again, the shield forms back. He then suggested that if Dan’s heart wasn’t into battling and, therefore, he should just keep quit. Back on Earth, Marucho is really worried about Dan and Drago but Shun doesn’t seem to care about them one bit because they ran off to New Vestroia without even telling them. The Fourth Ottoman—Venetian War breaks out, and the city appeals to France for aid, Veronica is encouraged to seduce the King of France and secures a military alliance. Mutant Krowl then traps Drago with Haos Hydra.

After they arrive, the Brawlers found out that was a hologram, while the real Wiseman electrifies Runo and Kato to steal three Battle Suits. Archived from the original on 24 February Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles needing cleanup from April All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from April Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from April Episode list using the default LineColor. Rafe says that he wanted to be like them after watching them battle against the Gundalian forces but realizes that they need to help them. In desperation, the Ancient Warriors give the Resistance Bakugan their attribute energies to protect them from Zenoheld, who has the Bakugan Termination System, a machine built to wipe out all Bakugan but needs the Attribute Energies to power it. Dan agrees and suggests that they should to take down the Chaos Bakugan twice as fast so they can find Mag Mel.

Before the episode begins with the Battle Brawlers going through a Dimension Portal, to get to Gundalia, Dan goes with the other Brawlers because this fight involves him too. Near the end, Dan and Wiseman have a personal fight to retrieve the stolen BakuMeter, but Wiseman and the Nonets retreat.

The Brawlers fight them off but more Mechtogan arrive as some of the battlers begin to leave as they try to defeat the Bakugan, who attacks the BI and Krakenoid and Krowl mutate to form Mutant Krakenoid. Razenoid then tries to aim at Drago but he constantly misses.


As more and more Chaos Bakugan arrive, Marucho thinks of an idea and he decides to move all of them to Section B and delete the whole area, despite the fact that it will create huge damage in the system. The transition away from the use of Dominion was formally reflected in with the passage of the Canada Act, later that year, the bakuga of national holiday was changed from Dominion Day to Canada Day 3.

Paige and Rafe wonder who he was, while Marucho reveals that he sent a SOS message to all of the Brawlers’ allies which Spectra was the first one to receive. Soon says it is a great idea and she sends the message onlime Sellon. Wavern hopes that they will find out that teamwork leads to success and disappears. Spank Space Adventure Cobra: Shun, meanwhile, takes the reins of leader of the Battle Brawlers and charges himself with the task of returning the Brawlers to their former glory.

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 8 [1/2]

Mag Mel then awaits to take the Key’s immense energy and power from Dan, in order to become whole again and achieve his goal. He managed to achieve enough power to break free of the shackles from Code Eve.

The line was released in retail in Spring Dan then tells Rafe that he will handle it and tells Drago to use Dragon Blazer on the roof and rocks tumble down which trap the Chaos Bakugan. The Chaos Bakugan then find them but they are saved by Horridian.

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Dan says that he is also to blame and they plan to train. Everyone then agrees with Ren but then Dan wants to help because he has a connection with Mag Mel and Razenoid however, Marucho tries to get Dan to sit this one out because of what happened before, and they end up arguing.

Sellon then carries him and teleports back to Mag Mel’s Castle. Spectra then suggests another mutation among Helios, Drago and Taylean.

The rest of the team arrives including Team Anubias and Dylan mysteriously appears. Then, after reassuring Reptak that they would find him, Dan, Drago, and Reptak bakugwn to ask the people of Bakugan City if they had seen Gunz, but no one was seen him.


Final Stage — Tengai Makyou: Gunz Lazar and the Nonets are angry with Mechtavius Destroyer for robbing them of their revenge against Drago.

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 8 [1/2] – video dailymotion

Soon doesn’t believe that they have anything to fight bakugam, after the people they trusted betrayed eplsodes, but Ben reassures her and the two girls run to the Battle Brawlers base. Drago’s Revolutional attack then goes up against Zenthon’s lasers but Zenthon is unable to take it but Anubias’s Iron Dragonoid and Venexus continue to attack Titanium Dragonoid. The older bumpers were removed in as surfe of an on-air rebranding and this wasnt the first time the channel has aired live-action programming, Teletoon had aired the live-action Fireball XL-5 during the —98 season.

While in New Vestroia, Sellon reveals she is working for Mag Mel but she doesn’t reveal her identity. An evil Bakugan called Naga was tempted to take the power of the Infinity and Silent Cores, which formed the Perfect Core that balanced Vestroia, but absorbed too much negative energy and thus was trapped within the Silent Core and destabilised Vestroia.

Next up is the long awaited brawl between Dan and Shun, with Dan mimicking Shun and Jaakor’s ninja peisodes of brawling to win the match.

The episode starts off with Mecytanium showing Runo around the city, when they run into Julie who was looking for a scope. They then believe Dan when Paige receives a message from a Gundalian.

Sellon tells Anubias that with them as a team, they will be able to produce more energy for Mag Mel with Anubias not wanting to throw another battle. Drago manages to make quick work of Bolcanon and Horridian, but Anubias suddenly throws out Krowl, much to Suurge and Drago’s surprise.

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