An Asian guy, a black guy, a white dude from the south, and a rookie make up the main part of the platoon. Taryn Southern Reporter on Beach. Los Angeles is the tale of Staff Sargeant Nantz’ last day as a marine. Marlon Young Sergeant Major uncredited. Nzinga Blake Adukwu’s Sister. The dialogue is poorly written, and delivered decently, but not well. Everyone I saw the movie with thought it was pretty bad.

Jamie Norwood Flower Shop Employee. Aliens arrive and invade, but it’s OK, they don’t have air support. English subtitles for Battle Los Angeles. Stacey Turner Reporter on TV. Everett Burrell Visual Effects Supervisor. No need for spoilers again I saw the trailer. It wouldn’t have made them less interesting. Corey Simmons Lucas Till Cpl.

No need for spoilers again I saw the trailer. Charlotte Biggs Emergency Medical Tech. Language Set favourite s Login. Kurt Deville Marine uncredited. The intensity of the effect wears off right after the first alien is killed. In case you didn’t already suspect, this film is very violent. The action kept me on the edge of my seat. For all the special effects, the aliens might have well been cardboard cut-outs.


Ottosson Supervising Sound Editor. David Angeoes Visual Effects Supervisor. It was exactly what I expected maybe a little better. Charlie Bradbury Visual Effects Producer. All much, much better than this. Corey Simmons Lucas Till Cpl.

Los Angeles will entertain only the most ardent action angelex. The special effects were also quite good, with the exception of a couple bad animations here and there. Beau Brasseaux Marine uncredited. An Asian guy, a black guy, a white dude from the south, and a rookie make up the main part of the platoon.

After that the movie spiralled downhill deep, deep into the realm of the cliche. Legendas portuguesas para Battle Los Angeles. One bxttle everyone will be walking somewhere between point A and B, the next, they’re crouching behind burned out cars and houses as aliens pour ungodly hellfire onto them from above.

jayblb I probably wouldn’t mind as much if at least one of the characters had been an annoying ass but it seems everyone was a hero, which ends up making nobody the hero. If you want to watch a really well thought out film with lots of character development lps interesting subplots this is not the film for you. Sous titres World Invasion: That being said, the movie suffers when it slows down.


Dane Brown Firefighter uncredited. Ecriture Christopher Bertolini Writer. Jamie Norwood Flower Shop Employee. Direction Jonathan Liebesman Director. Sanja Milkovic Hays Costume Design.

Brandon Schaafsma Visual Effects Editor.

Subtitles for movie Battle Los Angeles

District 9 and the Bourne Identity had a really stupid baby. The alien spacecrafts are awesome. So don’t expect a masterpiece of modern cinema, expect alien guts and lots of shooting and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Gino Anthony Pesi Cpl. Tommy Tancharoen Transportation Coordinator. Eduardo Vaisman Visual Effects Editor. Nzinga Blake Adukwu’s Sister.

Sous titres World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

Young officer straight out of officer’s school who can’t handle the action. Michelle Pierce Shelly uncredited. There is a scene where tension is high and its just a damn abttle making noise.

This movie made Skyline look good!