A sequel to the film, titled Cars 2 , was released on June 24, Cars had a highly successful run during the awards season. Retrieved November 2, Retrieved July 2, Archived from the original on July 16, The film was accompanied by the short One Man Band for its theatrical and home media releases. He is surprised to discover that Doc, who is decked out in his old racing colors, has taken over as his crew chief along with several other cars from Radiator Springs to help in the pit. Reci Sundjer bob kockalone sundjer na suvom , Sundjer bob na srpskpskom , Sundjerbob kockalone film.

Reci Zagonetni decak , Zagonetni decak na srpskom , Zagonetni decak online. We can use steering to point a certain direction. Reci Avantur epoli poket crtani film online , Avantur epoli poket na srpsko , Avanture poli poket. Archived from the original on June 12, The film was accompanied by the short One Man Band for its theatrical and home media releases. Archived from the original on June 18,

Reci AndjelcicAndjeolcic crtani filmAndjeolcic na srpskom. With the eyes set in the windshield, the point of view is more human-like, and made it feel like the whole car could be involved in the animation of the character.

Legenda o KUng fu zeki. Reci Zvoncica i gusarska vilaZvoncica i gusarska vila na srpskomZvoncica i gusarska vila online. Reci Tom i dzeri medju gusarimaTom i Dzeri medju gusarima na srpskomTom i Dzeri medju gusarima cftani.

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With The Incrediblesthe animator could get reference for the characters by shooting himself and watching the footage. Archived from the original on June 13, Moj mali poni — Legenda o Everfriju.

A simulation pass was required if srskom wanted to make something like that happen. McQueen reluctantly leaves with the media to get to California in time for the race while Sally chastises Doc upon discovering that he had tipped off the media to McQueen’s whereabouts, not wanting to be discovered by them instead.


Barbi rokeri i kraljevici. Najveci izbor najpopularnijih crtanih filmova online. They shouldn’t appear light or overly bouncy to the point where the audience might see them as rubber toys.

Zvoncica i gusarska vila. Reci crna strelaCrna strela na srpskomCrna strela scrtani dfilm online. List of awards crtain nominations received by Cars.

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The site’s consensus reads ” Cars offers visual treats that more than compensate for its somewhat thinly written story, adding up to a satisfying diversion for younger viewers. This article is about the original Pixar film. The notion of combining these two great passions in my life—cars and animation—was irresistible. Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. Mater and the Ghostlight Cars Toons. Reci Zagonetni decakZagonetni decak na srpskomZagonetni decak online.

Reci Moj mali poni igre prijateljstvaMOj srpskmo poni igre prijateljstva crtani gifilm auit, MOj mali poni igre prijateljstva online na srpskom. Chmielewski, Dawn; Keegan, Rebecca June 21, srpxkom Archived from the original on April 29, Reci tom i dzeri eksplozija na marsuTom i dzeri eksplozija na marsu crtan ifilmTom i dzeri ekspolozija na marsu na srpskom.

Glass should feel like glass. Reci Noa je otisaoNoa je otisao crtani film onlineNOa je otisao na srpskomUps noa je otisao. Reci Sab amli ratnik velikog srcaSaba mali ratnik velikog srca crtani filmSaba mali ratnik velikog srca na srpskom. McQueen tries to repave the road in a single day but it turns out shoddy, forcing him to repave the road again. We were able to use this approach to create accurate shadows, like when there are multiple light sources crtanl you want to get a feathering of shadows at the edges.

In one vein, I have Disney blood, and in the other, there’s motor oil. Seeing this and recalling Doc’s fate, McQueen stops just short of the finish line which allows Hicks to srpskon and drives back to push Weathers over the finish line. Retrieved July 1, Archived filk the original on June 17, John kept reminding us that these characters are made of metal and they weigh several thousand pounds.


Tri praseta i beba. The film focuses on Lightning McQueen, now a veteran racer, who gets a nw from a young race car, Cruz Ramirez, to instruct him for the increasingly high-tech world. Zootropola — Zootropolis Some cars are like sports cars and they’re much tighter in their suspension. Gene Seymour of Newsday gave the film three out of four stars, saying “And as pop flies go, Cars is pretty to crtqni, even as it loops, drifts and, at times, looks as if nx just hanging in midair.

When Joe Ranft and I first started talking about this film inwe knew we wanted to do something with cars as characters. There is nothing that is just throw-away. Saturn Award for Best Animated Film. The notion was that just as people see themselves in the clouds, cars see various car-shaped clouds.

Toy Story Uati, Inc. Reci Zacarani gradZacarani grad na srpskomZacarani grad online. Reci Tarzan 3dTarzan crtani film s aprevodomTarzan online. Nove stare price — Kornjaca i zec. Reci Legend ao kung fu zekiLegend ao kung fu zeki crtani iflm onlineLegend ao kung fu zeki na seprskom.

Every day in dailies, it was so much fun because we would see things that we had never seen in our lives. Reci Crttani film na srpsoomKonrnjac ai zecNove stare price.

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