It was a little predictable at times and the main characters had somewhat shallow development but it was written for a younger age group than what I usually read and I think that’s the reason for that. Bellorum’s sons are both killed; with Charlemagne beheading Octavius, although not before he almost fatally wounds Mekhmet; and Charlemagne’s sister, Cressida, impaling Sulla in the stomach. Other books in the series. From the outset, this story seems contrived and not very deeply thought out. Thirrin and Oskan have married and had 5 children. Recommend this for a fun read, for sure.

Whoever wanted to finish reading it on their own, could read it on their own and tell the rest of us about it. I didn’t find her likable at all. Hill begins what is sure to be an astounding series with this exciting and creative adventure that oozes with the fantastical. Therrin is an amazing soldier and everyone defers to her. The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill is a really great fiction novel that everyone should read. The army cannot take the city despite the military genius of their commander. Sep 07, Catherine Fitzsimmons rated it it was ok. The vampires and the snowy owls drink the blood of many soldiers and the were-wolves tear the soldiers apart.

Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata. The black army is composed entirely of veterans and is considered the elite force of Polypontia.

The Icemark Chronicles 3 books. It really got me revved up. For the computer game set in an unrelated Icemark, see Doomdark’s Revenge.

The Cry of the Icemark – the movie?

January 3, Scholastic Audio Books; Unabridged edition: Books by Stuart Hill. Stuart says that his influences include H. Aug 28, Derrek Kemper rated it it was amazing. The book wasn’t macabre or too dark, which led me to think it was pro I still remember the incident in which I bought this book. I read this book over and over and over because it gives a new flavor to worn out species and stories.


The young Thirrin, and mind you this is a year-old-who-turnsin-the-book, is nothing more than a royal brat. There was no character related interest.

Views Read Edit View crg. Fox has bought the rights to The Cry Of The Icemark movie and reported that it is currently in development.

Basilea Elymnestra is a fun character and the view spoiler [ last stand hide spoiler ] of the Hypolitan was epicly tragic. The leopards are as tall as warhorses at the shoulder, Tharaman-Thar even bigger, and are fearsome fighters. Protagonist is a tomboyish princess with a male witch love interest. Instead they end up getting consoled most of the time by kids, or bullied by them. Is it actually like a junior game of thrones. The Cry of the Icemark is his first novel. View all 5 comments. With immense skill and tactics, the Allies manage to continuously bring down the Empire’s numbers.

A strong and fierce girl who’ll do anything to save her kingdom against the conquerors.

The Cry of the Icemark – Wikipedia

Sep 08, Kari rated it it was amazing. After her father’s brave death in battle Thirrin is then faced with the large responsibility of Queen. Out with some friends for lunch, spent all my money and only a few twenties left, I saw The Cry of the Icemark in a bookstore and after a quick glance at the blurb I simply had to have it.

I really struggled through this one. Oskan, entrusted icematk the secret knowledge that Dark Adepts cannot kill the ones they love without dying, defeats Cronus and Medea at the cost of his own life.

Fox hot for ‘Icemark’ – Variety

This is probably one of my favorite movje. If the book does make it to the big screen, I expect it will be an excellent one and I”d gladly see it. Return to Book Page.

Fantasy novel series The Icemark Chronicles. That’s why I’m giving this five stars! And this is it: The plot revolves around thirteen-year-old princess Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, as she must fight to save her small home, the Icemark, from icfmark invading Polypontian Empire. Nov 07, Chris rated it really liked it.


Scipio Africanus Bellorum is an intriguing though absolutely psycho villain but then and I was cheering on the soldier who dared to defy him – and then got shot for his troubles, dang. Iccemark could not bear the Snow Leopards at all, sorry fans.

The vampires and the snowy owls drink the blood of many soldiers and the were-wolves tear the soldiers apart. This time the empire has a new weapon og their disposal – giant airships that can drop bombs hundreds of feet from the air to the ground.

There was no character development and from the beginning the adult characters acted and sounded too much like children. Hill’s original and quirky approach could yet make him the proper heir to Joan Aiken ‘s crown. Then, she attempts to murder Charlemagne icemarl he “returns to the north with a blade of fire in his hand” as stated in Oskan’s prophecy.

Well that is my main gripe with the book but I heartily recommend it. Little crry is available at the current moment but what is known is that it will be produced by Courtney Pledger and the screenplay will be by Michael Hirst The Tudors, Elizabeth: The victors burned the enemy fleet. I would recommend to people who like fantasy, adventure, and mystery.

It was good to see him reading and enjoying the book and it is one I have recommended to friends with daughters as well just because it cru rare to see such a positive female role model allowed to sit at the very centre of a high adventure fantasy novel.