In the base deck we have five weather cards out of 66 cards; this means that on average you draw 0. Weather environments are just weather environments. Some Notes on a Nonentity. Once you add extra boards, it’s a better assumption that your doom will go up a little less frequently than once every turn. In order to reflect Cthugha scorching nature, Ithaquas “Icy Wind” attack was re-interpreted, and investigators face constant danger of incineration when they deal with this Great Old One. It was Scenario n.

Cthugha resembles a giant ball of fire. At least twenty is unlikely when you’re playing with expansions. August Derleth was early-on responsible for collecting and organizing Lovecraftian tales. Sign In Sign Up. Thus, Cthugha was one of many addition to the Cthulhu Mythos that appeared after the death of H. This is compensated by Cthugha’s scorching presence; it does not do direct damage, but the frequent tests will, in the long run, deplete the players’ resources. For example, consider using Cthulhu as the main and Cthuga as the other. Cthugha Ogre Cthugha was appropriated as a name by the Ogre software people for the name of their latest download.

If you have expansion boards, you are probably mistaken. It’s a -5 combat rating, which implies it’s strong enough to reduce to zero the Fight value of your strongest character.

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I hortor Yig is a good example of an Other that shows a greater threat of waking up; whenever a cultist dies he gets a doom token. This article about a fantasy -related character is a stub. So basically, the players are playing against Cthulhu as normal, but: The “lost and stolen” ability is already pretty weak.

Retrieved from ” https: Sign In Sign Up. I’m not sure of the answer, but I’d say you have to discard it. If, on the other hand, you got the Epic Battle card that said “any investigator who wishes to attack must discard a weapon or spell,” and you choose such an item, you must discard it, because you’ve “chosen to allow it.


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“Cthugha” – Arkham Horror Great Old One, front side

As originally described, Cthugha exists as a giant ball of fire. Still, a lot of good things to do. You should consider shortening the doom track of the second AO to something like 4 doomers and consider adding some serious penalties when the Other wakes up. For example, consider using Cthulhu as the main and Cthuga as the other. That being said, the tale of Cthugha still bring a sense of cosmic scale and wonderment to them. Sign In Sign Up.

Register a new account. I was brainstorming ways to use two ancient ones and hit upon this idea, one is the Main ancient one and one is the Other.

After a round of final combat using the revolver, is horrod discarded? Posted September 27, And then there are the spawn monsters and the herald Fthaggua It’s tough, but can be tackled by a prepared investigator.

Here is the basic rundown:. I don’t think so: Oh, I didn’t mean adding arkkham to heralds though that’s cool too. The alien worshippers of Cthuga are known as the fire vampires.

“Cthugha” Plot Card – Arkham Horror Great Old One, back side

So, if you accelerate the Demi-Herald to awaken, you risk to incinerate your party; if you shorten his doom track, then maybe they can manage to beat it. You were to add doomers to one AO or the other according to the place where you had more monsters upper half or lower half of the board. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Still, might change a use of Cthugha’s ability to 3 or even 4 tokens, though the sanity cost is still there.

It’s much more interesting and challenging the Janus Herald designed by Avi a life ago: Honestly, it was not worth playing, too easy to control and manipulate. Even if you’re a bit lucky, your games should be maybe in the turns range. Share hortor post Link to post Share on other sites. Thus, Cthugha was one of many addition to the Cthulhu Mythos that appeared after the death of H. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to arkhxm a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Joshi and others were critical of the period when August Derleth would write Cthulhu stories from scraps of information H.

The idea is that it adds some randomness and makes the xrkham of the ancient one unpredictable obviously no one is going to intentionally fill up the last spot on Cthugha’s track. Weather environments are just weather environments. Cthugha Cthugha was an addition to the Cthulhu Mythos in the s, during the decade just after the death of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Cthugha’s doom track is very long, so technically you’re tranforming him into a gigantic Flute of the Outer Gods that can be used up to 6 times during the game, totally allowing you to control the most dangerous locations like Devil Reef or allowing you to clean stuff when you’re to enter a gate with no time left.

You’re right while saying that some Heralds have abilities that never trigger, and some other AOs have a more interesting design than others.

It was Scenario n.

arkhwm An alternative is just ramping up the number of doom tokens added for his conditions 4 for using his spell or for a weather wrkham would mean that after any 4 occurrences he would awaken.

Another twist is that the presence of the span monsters and of any normal Fire Vampire potentially weakens the players’ position against Cthugha, once the final battle starts. Fthagguaregent of the fire vampiresmay be his progeny.