For lunch, to boot. Episode 3 Episode 3. She tells him he has until midnight. A pink dress for Chun-hyang and a pair of red undies for Mong-ryong it is. This must be a first in dramaland. The way he looks at her. He seems to be hemming and hawing with Che Rin, and he avoids disclosing that he lives with Chun-hyang. Then we get normal lighting back.

Mong-ryong and Chung-hyang’s friends hold an engagement party for the, but Chung-hyang leaves after witnessing the scene. The naivete and the tip-toeing these two do around the issue of intimacy may seem drawn out and prudish to many viewers especially Western ones? Chae Rin gives Mong Ryong an ultimatum and tells him he needs to end things with Choon Hyang if he wants to keep seeing her, but he decides to stay with Choon Hyang instead. Episode 8 Episode 8. But not before a stare-contest between the males. When will he grow up? Episode 3 Episode 3. He suggests good food, a movie, the amusement park.

It sounds like a travelling circus. Well, he hikes up the skirt into a bunch mid-thigh and clips it. You and your one-track mind and snake-extracts. She cohon over the phone to Mong-ryong. Mong Ryong and Choon Hyang finalize their divorce. Okay, maybe I just oversold it.


Thank yyang, drama gods! It has been a popular urban variety show in Kore Remember he did the same to her back in that piano room? So cute, this episode.

She promises to find another place for him. Byun decide to reap the benefits of Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong’s break up. Hakdo wonders whether Chun-hang rejected him because of Mong-ryong. Is he gonna break up with her after a nice date like all the other K-dramas?

Delightful Girl Chunhyang: Episode 8 – pauseandrewind

Not that kind of sexy films, gutter brains. Byun hires actors and makes it looks like Mong Ryong attacked a woman, to keep him away from Choon Hyang. They flounder cjoon for a while before retreating to opposite corners of the room.

Episode 12 Episode In school, Chung-hyang does well, recpa in first in the exams, and even wins an award. Chung-hyang moves into Mong-ryong’s place, but they have sperate rooms.

Sassy Girl Choon Hyang (17 Episodes)

So they watch a movie, eat popcorn, and laugh and giggle. Ryu Seung-beom, Kim Joo-hyuk Hm, interesting. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed gidl nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.


They end the day by meeting for dinner with our Cupids. Please enter your username or email address. Choon Hyang leaves Mong Ryong’s parents’ house.

He was born in 25 April and his home is at Anyang. Episode 11 Episode While Mong-ryong is punished for being late and is placed at the bottom in the exams.

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

On a funnier note: Episode 2 Episode 2. For lunch, to boot. The two accidentally kiss during a school performance of Romeo and Juliet.

That she eventually settles for a red undie with white hearts all over it says it all. MissSoulmateWitch Amusement. By doing so, the teacher assumes that he will cheat during the exam.

And of course he gets scolded for coming in late.