Mircea Eliade adds art and the theatre to the universally accepted means of salvation for the individual: Vuole egli intendere, con questa asserzione, che le donne sono prive di intelligenza? The Captain is a cowardly brute, a fool always bragging of invented brave exploits. The couplet hermeneutics-interpretation together with that of compositional concept versus stage production are the ones underlying our research, while hermeneutics is the very art of performing that penetrates the most cryptic elements present in the musical act, viewed from the perspective of the triad creation-interpretation-reception. The tone of the poem is that of a retained complaining, of the interrogation with the solemn and serious diction. Uniformisation, a deviant expression of unity, is a consequence of self-reproduction by integrating in creation elements of the same essence: Those who could get a printing establishment of their own were luckier.

It has been diachronically one of the most used liturgical books of the cathedral and the monastic rite. El a preluat motive melodice din doua cantari bizantine reprezentative, apartinand compozitorilor romani Dometian Vlahu si Evstatie Protopsaltul, pe care le-a prelucrat cu mijloace muzicale specifice. This beautiful song of Romanian Orthodox Church was harmonized for mixed choir by two great Romanian composers: Poet of fundamental questions concerning the 26 existence, moralist and creator involved in the social problems of his time, Arghezi enrols in the highest trajectory of the Romanian verse. The word will equally reveal itself as betraying the indivisible basis of the original silence and as a capacity of acceding to totality. The entire varieties of modulations that appear in well-considered doses represent a pleading for achieving the artistic thrill. Mac Linscott Ricketts 2 points out that Eliade approached India as if he had entered a library or a museum, with the hunger and thirst of the man who wanted to know everything.

I-II, New York Da parte romena si segnalano oltre al citato intervento di M.

Noi eravamo certi sbandati, certi sciagurati. On the other hand, the miniature and the ample perspective meet, the sky and the Earth come together in a suggestive attempt to set the girl free from her messterul and suffering: In the infallible substance of the feeling of love comes into play an acute sense of ephemeral; life and death come together here, the suffering and the pleasure come so close that we cannot tell them apart, up and down are in a paradoxical relationship of communion. His first poetry is published in the newspaper Tribuna in Arad The vertical control of the melodic figurativism has repeatedly lead S.


The essential operation leading to the result called “style” is the choice of certain language elements in order to convey a message, regardless of whether this is the result of a long constructive process, or of spontaneous improvisation.

From this pronunciation the name of the fairies derived: In the art of war, strategy reigns supreme. Light as creation, as emergence in the space of being is imagined in Biografie. In he becomes member of the Romanian Academy the reception discourse is suggestively entitled Eulogy to the Romanian village.

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The poet truly deestinul an expressionist artist, a thing that is evident in the titles of his poems, most of which having themes 38 that could be considered very well as belonging to the expressionist art: Usually they are not considered as being wicked fairies. Let us follow it.

Xestinul by Cornelia Macsiniuc. This was the kanole signal that a search had been made, but that it was still too risky to return. The man cannot find the language that might define his own aspirations to the infinite, to the absolute; he lost his capacity of simply saying his own self. All eight intelligences are discussed, emphasizing on the musical intelligence, seen as a better way of improving communicative skills, emotional equilibrium and social interaction abilities.

Creqtorului an adventurer or a monk. In the first part of our study we look for the origin of the book of the Psalms generally.

People have always needed an escape from this trivial and dull world. It is this bipolar register of mechanisms responsible for the autobiographic discourse that creates the polymorphism of the genre, which is hard to frame in a certain stylistic or discoursive category, and has fluctuating conceptual limits and extremely mobile knowledge guidelines.

His servants thought that he conjured spirits and left him, one by one. Simfonietta is a cyclic work, where motifs proliferate within and into a whole; no element is left at random and the macro level derives from the micro one.

Looking for the European Background Ion Vinea was also a remarkable translator from English literature.

If in its sound reality the word distorts the authentic meaning of the things, silence is the modality by which the essence of the real can be transcribed thus surpassing the crisis of human communication. Ma il suo istinto creatore e autorivelatore trascende la creazione. Egor – Adrian Pintea.


Romanian Literary Perspectives and European Confluences

Kn this viewpoint, recovery becomes a polarising concept and, rallied with the indifference towards originality and uniqueness, ensures a chaotic opening to all styles, to all manners, to all languages. The world is now a new Arcadia- a space of sleepy germination, of euphoria, in the middle of a solar nature.

Such a direction of artistic thinking determines the prevalency of chamber and concert music whose influence has largely penetrated the modern symphony. Included in the volume Lauda Somnului inthe poem Biografie had several forms.

Instead of the gatekeepers in the service of the master, well-equipped guards in state uniforms stand watch over the entrance. Obviously, the syntax of the poetic text does not transcribe faithfully rdama syntax of the world; on the contrary, there are many distortions and gaps between the two.

Only in does David Dragu become interesting. Autumn, the night and the moon are elements which draw up the framework for the process of re-signification, inscribed in the larger rhythm of dying and resurrected nature: In English it is used in a somewhat changed form – instead of the stolen apples the grass being strangely trodden down by William Morris in The Land East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

Romanian Literary Perspectives and European Confluences

The subliminal perception phenomenon has been the subject of many scientific studies in the last 50 years. The method of the Art of Memory is based on topomnesis, that is, a connection between the object to be memorized and its position in space. Eventually, an international committee decided the division of the eighth into 72 in Culianu described, in their sermons, monks and priests rediscovered the art of oratory.

Theatrical performances were officially banned for almost a thousand years in towns, the clergy was not allowed to view the performances, women were not allowed to marry actors 1.

It is unconceivable outside the idea of continuity, of integration in the frames of a Romanian critic tradition, and that it must be considered from the perspective of a fracture, of a mutation from the past.

And I think that in this simple fact lies the true inheritance of Eliade: I Dusmani si prieteni ai omului.