Dramas I’m Currently Watching: On the other hand, this week, I thought Rania would finally change and learn to love and appreciate Aamir The story of this drama serial is based on the traditional love. Directed by Rana Rizwan. Qazi Lateef Written By: I was screaming by the end. Posted by Sophia Q at

Watch Online Pakistani Dramas at Urducell. So for your convenience, I’ve ordered the images and the list in order from my personal favorites to my least favorites. When a little girl knows that her “Nazo” has been engaged to Aman all her life, how can she suddenly develop a crush on him? Suddenly Aamir has a job, so she wants a mansion, a car, servants Shakk was also very good this week, as usual. Every Tuesday at 8: The acting from all 4 main leads is commendable.

Darmiyan — I feel like nothing is happening…. Wait, yes I do! I feel terrible for Aamir and feel as though he’s khaliish to find someone else in Dubai.

Mon to Thu at 6: VERY eventful, yet somehow still mildly uninteresting.

When on earth is Aiza going to stop being a jerk? I apologize for my lack of posts this week. On the other hand, this week, I thought Rania would finally change and learn to love and appreciate Aamir Embed this content in your HTML. It has been, khzlish, an enjoyable watching experience. I think my brain cells just died.


Creative director s Nauman Qamar.

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But the story feels like it’s stuck in a repetitive rut. Also, the storyline is not coming across as a strong ualki. Qazi Lateef Written By: Posted by Sophia Q at 3: WHY am I watching this?!

Faisal Bhai wants to take him off life support, so Aiza comes to the rescue. Meenu Ka Susral highlights the story khalieh such conflicts within the families that can create extreme distrust and negativity. It’s actually quite nauseating.

Wednesday, November 13, Drama Update: The mystery of Khurram’s mother is stretching a little thin now. I dropped this drama. The reaction was too quick. One has to admire the character of Eeshal and how nicely Mehwish has played her role. The story isn’t fast-paced, but it’s so endearing and natural in all aspects – direction, chemistry, acting, story Get Shayk divorced and throw that psycho Narmeen episodde

Halki Si Khalish Hum Tv Episode 21

The storyline is interesting and it’ll be something to watch when the truth comes out. Are you the publisher? Maha Malik Directed by: Browsing All Articles Articles. It’s now on episode 23, so I’m dreading the spisode end. The bonding between Papa and Khurram this week was really sweet, actually. That said, the Ahsan-Aiza chemistry is adorable.

Saturday, November 30, Absence. Posted by Sophia Q at 2: Haalki hasn’t won the lottery! Posted by Sophia Q at 4: Sarmad and Sara moved away because Sarmad dislikes Paras and she moved back home and now draja parents dote after Paras’ daughter. I’m not looking forward to watching this. Both dramas look great, one being written by Umera Ahmed and the other being directed by Nadeem Baig! National Savings of Pakistan government has held a prize bond draw of Rs.


Monday, November 18, Just another Monday.

Or is this show’s purpose to display the importance a family plays in a successful marriage? These dramas had taken a turn for the unbearable and I am officially unable to even attempt to watch these shows.

Halki si Khalish- an unusual story! |

Masha’Allah, my sister had a healthy baby boy and I’ve been busy helping her this week. Salma Hassan and others Bhabi needs to keep Saqib on life support so he can come out of his coma. Rania is clearly never going to learn. Qubool Hai by Zee Tv.