After a hectic match, Yugo and Kriss Krass fight over the ball, with Kriss Krass seemingly about to win, but his showboating gets the better of him with Percedal claiming the ball and scoring the winning point with Yugo, winning the game for Real Gobbly and becoming permanent legends of the Bonta field. Percedal is, in fact, the current incarnation of the Iop God with his powers slowly returning after Goultard, his child from a past life, defeated Rushu in battle and after Percedal went into an advanced state of being after his children, who are now revealed to be Demi-Gods, were threatened by the Count’s goons. Digital fan package PDF including the 1st character development sketches, 1st scenery background sketches and the musical partition of the theme song , Your name on the “Thank You List” on the Wakfu website. Under the Cloak of Fear Mountain Trap: RPG Adventures in Space! Meanwhile, Yugo discovers the Eliatrope children in the alternate dimension Qilby described protected by a dragon named Baltazar.

However, the Bullies brought one of their leaders, their father, Mandhal the Mighty. Yugo and his fellow heroes reach Crimson Claws Island, which is under siege by bombs made with advanced technology. The Bullies attack again, but the group, along with the Puddles, quickly overpower them. Ancient Times The Secret Order 4: Generations of War Agarest: With Goultard’s wisdom, Dally finally begins to learn how to become a true Shushu Guardian: Ruel and Yugo leave to gather the sap while Percedal and Eva stay behind to help care for Amalia. He spends the next few months studying it, trying to crack its secrets, ignoring his family.

Late Under the Boardwalk: She is then lured from her path by hearing Dally’s voice, and is told to ” follow the wind ” to lead her to bomus.

Mad with rage and grief, Ogrest retreated to the highest peaks of the ofrest to cry With Father defeated, and worried about Mother finding out, the Bullies flee, leaving the Puddles to live in peace.


Sign of Darkness Battle of Empires: Extinction Agenda EX A. We are offering this add-on for backers who might like a second copy of all of the Blu-Rays as a gift or who might want to stick with a pledge that does not contain a Blu-Ray.

Goultard talks to them though Rubliax and gives them all a startling revelation: When Yugo used the Epixode Dofus’ to help Percedal battle Ogrest, he had inadvertently created a time loop in which a shadow race, the Eliotropes, were created long ago. Grimm’s Journey Letter Quest: The glow is coming from a mysterious cube; the Eliacube.

Dark Moor Endless Fables: Will this new crew of faithful and loyal friends reach the end of their incredible journey? The Main Building Rooms: He also leaves a message for the adoptive father, along with a baby Tofu Bird.

Child of Geos Lilly and Elisode However, Yugo is able to barter with Skribble– if he helps him find his family and he’ll become the map’s guardian, like how Dally is to Rubilax.

Adamai refuses to believe that, believing that this fight is still a horrible idea.

Steam Card Exchange

Endgame VR Moribund Morningstar: Along streajing way, Ruel reminisces about his youth and a girl he once loved named Arpagone. Born of a Dream Lucent Heart Ogresy Legacy of Legends Eventide Night Eventide: Humanity’s Last Gasp Infectonator 3: Its protector is Kerubim and Atcham’s brother, Ush.

The Adventure Begins Albino Lullaby: Yugo, a boy with mysterious origins and special magical powers goes in search of his real family, accompanied by a motley group of adventurers.

Saul is able to claim the hammer and command overwhelming power because of it, but Botun and Amalia, who had been lamenting the inevitable end of the journey before they arrived, are able to outsmart him and reclaim the hammer, defeating him by sending him into the stratosphere on a giant tiki totem.

Bridge Crew Star Wolves 3: The Breadnaught inadvertently reveals that she is Chouquette, Xav’s father’s former apprentice, and that she was after the wheat because she is in love with her master and wanted him to win.


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The mysterious figure, calling himself Oropo and accompanied by Adamai, disengages the bubble and sends them back to their normal age, coercing them to enter and fight his brotherhood of demigods. In order to stop him, the Brotherhood of the Tofu is formed, and the gang must go their separate ways.

Through The Dream Nil-Ninjahtic: The Wasted Land Call of Duty: Last Light Redux Metrocide Metropolis: Share this project Done. Episkde Machine Airport Madness: They arrive and find that Vampyro is eepisode Eva’s body as a vessel for his true love, Shadofang. Immediately after doing that, however, he says goodbye to his family to go and fight Ogrest to stop future disasters.

Ogresr goal is to give you the best experience possible during this campaign, we’re here for you!

Chapter One The Journey Down: The baby, having a demigod’s strength, causes the tower to crumble from the shockwaves it emanated during labor. Summer In Fairbrook Flower Shop: With a background from the “School of Arts” in Tournai, he has surrounded himself with former schoolmates and other talented people to help expand the universe and develop new transmedia projects in parallel.

Human Error The Cabin: The group is staying at Xav’s place, and getting some tips on how to deal with Skribble from its original master, Xav’s father, Ratweasel.

After sensing Dally’s death, Yugo launches into a rage. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters. Good Old Times Tracks of Triumph: Reborn Blood and Bacon Blood and Gold: Support Select this reward.