The film received a generally positive response. Dassin’s must have been bitter after what he experienced in his own country, so the narrative and Kazantzakis’ own take on religion offered the director fresh material in which to set this parable that resulted in one of the best films of all times. The Best Films Ever Made – The site of the movie is a Greek village that conducts a passion play each year. An American scholar in Greece sets about improving the prostitute with whom he is infatuated. Led by the local priest, Fotis, the migrant peasants decide to go to the nearby hills to try to make a living after Grigoris, the hateful head of the church sees a menace in them. He Who Must Die French:

Audible Download Audio Books. And this film, portrays that like few have. The priest Grigoris is one of the most evil characters in literature. Preparations for the Passion hardly get underway when a band of impoverished villagers led by Pope Fotis Jean Servais enters the streets of the village looking for food and shelter. Thankfully, netflix has recently made it available to stream no DVD available, yet. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The story’s answer to this question was not to the liking of the Greek Orthodox Odit, who promptly excommunicated the author Kazantzakis, who also wrote the novels “Zorba the Greek”, “The Last Temptation of Christ”, and “Saint Francis”, among other works.

Some in the town, however, are sympathetic to the fugitives including the shepherd chosen to play Christ and the Mayor’s son Maurice Ronet.

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A Man Escaped Robert Bresson Find showtimes, watch trailers, cilm photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! He came to France where he made an estimable film noir ” Du Rififi Chez les Hommes ” which does not cut his best Doot works such as ” night and the city” or “brute force” “Celui qui doit mourir is his second film in seven year ,and although it took place in Julex ,it was essentially made with French money and French actors Pierre Vaneck,Fernand Ledoux,Maurice Ronet,Roger Hanin,Jean Servais are all first-class thespians ,the only important Greek artist being Melina Mercouri it was the first time Dassin had directed her and he was to marry her afterward.


Any help by others in finding a copy would be greatly appreciated. April 21, This last movie takes place in a village in Greece, occupied by the Turks, showing the different attitudes adopted by the people face to the occupant. You are commenting using your WordPress. Was this review helpful?

Full Cast and Crew. I hope for nothing. In a century in which religious morality and the church’s real-politics have been severely criticized, this tale hits us right between the eyes.

As the movie unfolds, the Passion Play becomes a reality. This movie is beautiful and full of wonderful symbolism.

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This page was last edited foit 2 Marchat Its tale of the lives of simple villagers coming to parallel those of the scriptural characters they enact in a Passion Play is a rich, atmospheric parable. Films Followers Follow List.

They are homeless and looking for a place to live. Rather, it appears that he was executed because of his enormous popularity with the poor, especially those who had come to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover, and its perceived threat to the status quo. The final scenes epitomize the existential dilemma of our lives: Still, at age 60, I regard this film as among the two or three finest films of all time.


Topkapi Jules Dassin Jean Servais, who had worked with Mr.

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Retrieved 19 February Unfairly despised in France,” he who must die” is probably Dassin’s best European work. The main role of Christ is given to a shepherd, Manolios. I saw this movie in about and it is seared into my mind.

The town is visited by foreigners from another village who’s town was burnt to the ground. Colui che deve morire is a French film directed by Jules Dassin.

Risking to regress into schematic characterizations, Dassin’s transfer of Kazantzakis’ “Christ Recrucified” onto the screen delves imperceptibly and gradually into the sheer relevance of the moral conflict between the organized church’s hypocrisy and a materialist, Christian ethic that surges forward from the ‘shepherd’ and the ‘prostitute’ to the community in a dramatically chilling climax.

May 02, The hypocrisy and goodness of the body of Christ abound in this moving drama with allegories and politics bouncing back and forth with striking cinematography of Greece’s barren and sun-dried landscape. The director’s idea was to maintain the morale of the popular fighting classes. An indelibly memorable film david-greene5 13 May Human emotions sympathy ,love is depicted in this movie in a heart touching scenes.

By the way, this French language film was directed by the blacklisted American director, Jules Dassin–one of the best directors of his age.

The son celuo the riches merchant of the place, Patriarcheas, is assigned to enact John, who was the favorite of Christ. Best of watching.