This page was last edited on 4 July , at Bender demonstrates what it should look like. Also working at the factory is a buxom blue-collar beauty of a fembot named Angleyne. Trivia While attempting to fix his straightedge, Hermes swears under his breath, saying “Haile H. After a mighty struggle, he frees Flexo, earning Angleyne’s appreciation, but not her love. The PE crew are trying to fix the items that Bender ruined. Bender is shocked, but not surprised. He escorts her out, and tips the valet.

Additional Voices voice Maurice LaMarche After a mighty struggle, he frees Flexo, earning Angleyne’s appreciation, but not her love. Zoidberg tests his “fixed” slinky, which bursts into flames. Give us a raise, you big fat jerk. Fry and the Professor are taking a walk, and the Professor is obnoxiously upbeat. Amy realizes that Bender is a likely culprit for all the bent objects, and he denies it. Aside from the obvious joke that Bender, for the first time, suddenly has sleeves, his sleeves suddenly go back to their full length without any transition after he bends Farnsworth back. Bender as Flexo succeeds in seducing Angleyne, but when she discovers his identity, Bender rushes off to kill Flexo.

Bendless Love

Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. Edit Cast Brndless cast overview: However, the crew is sick of the Professor’s attitude, and they ask Bender to fix the Professor.

He also takes her out on a rowboat, letting his arms do the rowing. Robots are on strike outside Curvetti Bros.

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Bender asks to go back to Angle-ine’s place, and after some reluctance, kisses “Flexo”. The girder is dropped on top of Flexo, crushing him. However, the Robot Mafia sees this and is almost infuriated. He’s in love with Angle-ine, and takes his friends to Elzar’s Fine Cuisine to celebrate. International Animated Film Society. A sleep-walking Bender creates havoc with his uncontrollable bending and is sent to the Bending Factory where he meets Angelyne, a curvaceous fembot.


Anyway, nearly perfect piece of entertainment, if not for story, just for the smart and goofy humor throughout. Their relationship goes well, until Bender discovers that Angleyne and Flexo are a divorced couple on friendly terms, and that they may still be affectionate. The crew realizes that several other objects around the building have been mysteriously bent or in the case of Zoidberg ‘s slinky, un bentincluding the Professor. There he falls in love with a Fembot called Angleyne. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

From The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki. She defends herself, but Bender is too dense to understand. Bender paces the lounge in the Planet Express building, worrying about the situation.

Bendless Love – The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki

In rage, Bender grabs a piece of bread and attempts to bend it. The PE crew are trying to fix the items that Bender ruined. Meanwhile, in the crane control booth, the Robot Mafia moves an unbendable girder into position above Bender and Flexo.

Futurama season 3 List of Bendlesss episodes.

In its initial airing, the episode received a Nielsen rating of 4. She realizes the trick, and Bender explains his futurma. After the place is cleared out, Bender continues his scam, and Angle-ine starts falling for “Flexo” again.

With incredible exertion, Bender bends the girder lovs of Flexo. Edit Storyline Bender has been bending stuff in his sleep, loce to get his old factory urges out of his system, he takes job at a bending plant. Give us a raise, you big fat jerk. After a warning from Elzar that it’s a week old, the bread snaps.


Bender then concocts a convoluted plan to catch Angle-ine cheating on him with Zoidberg tests his “fixed” fll, which bursts into flames. Retrieved from ” https: The Professor sends Bender away to satisfy his psychological need for bending; throughout the episode, the Professor annoys the rest of the crew with his uplifting personality and fascination of looking up at the sky now that he is bent backwards.

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Leela suggests he talk about his feelings with her, but Fry implies that might not be the manliest plan. Turanga Leela voice John DiMaggio Amy Wong voice Phil LaMarr Retrieved from ” https: Bender tells the crew about Angle-ine, but Fry spots her across the room having dinner with Flexo. Jan Hooks as Angleyne. Futurama Season 3 Ratings. The Robot Mafia is now fed up, and plans to kill Flexo. Amy realizes that Bender is a likely culprit for all the bent objects, and he denies it.

This to me was the height of the show’s quality, straight up goofy eipsode throughout. She says she’s as strong as Bender, and he tells her to prove it, tossing her a girder. The new shows are good, as of this writing, episode from the sixth season aired about two months ago.