Murphy refuses to be a part of Jaha’s mission but decides to leave the island with him when he sees that Emori is part of the boat crew. As the Ark watches more wristbands going offline believing they are dying, a figure watches the from above the camp. Cage escapes but comes upon Lincoln, who injects Cage with the reaper drug, killing him, leaving Emerson, who also escaped, as the last Mountain Man. The Mecha Station, with Abby and Kane, makes it to the ground. Retrieved June 6, He captures Clarke and brings her to Diyoza. At Arkadia, Monty tries to save the others by explaining how horribly they’ll die, which convinces them to blissfully overdose — except for Harper who decides that she loves Monty enough to live. Murphy finds a lighthouse inside of which he watches a video recording dated May 10, of the previous occupant who says she “got the launch codes”, before shooting himself.

To this end, Sinclair allows himself to be arrested. A returned Clarke convinces the group to flee the camp for the ocean where they’ll be safe. Drones fire on them, resulting in Nyko’s death and driving Luna to her breaking point. Octavia punishes Kane for stealing medicine, which is a crime against Wonkru. Abby transfuses the near-dead Ontari’s Nightblood into Clarke so she can be implanted with the Flame. In the bunker, Clarke and Bellamy discover Cooper’s human experimentation to breed the parasitic worms as a weapon.

Retrieved February 9, Meanwhile, Fpisode, Murphy, and his group encounter a strange woman, a scavenger and drifter named Emori, who offers to serve as guide to the City of Light through the “dead zone” desert. Lexa allows Clarke’s return to Arkadia to tell Bellamy and the others to step down.

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After Lexa dies, it is revealed that the A. Lexa decides to kill Octavia to protect the secret that she and Clarke knew about the missile strike in advance.

One prisoner is remotely woken up by the prisoners on the ground and attacks Bellamy, who kills him. Soldiers soon raid the harvest chamber too, taking the 47 prisoner once again. To this end, Sinclair allows himself to be arrested. Monty fatally shoots his mother to save Octavia, and they return to Niylah’s, where they are able to galaksepar,en the chip inside Raven using the EMP and Clarke cuts out its liquefied remains using Titus’ Flamekeeper kit. McCreary triggers a protocol that will destroy the valley before he’s killed by Clarke.

Clarke, Bellamy, and Roan go on a road trip to deliver ten barrels epsode hydrazine fuel to Raven for her trip to space to make Nightblood. Clarke escapes by killing her guard and runs. Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia leave for Polis. With little sense of the situation outside the bunker, Clarke and Jaha refuse to open the door and risk the future of humanity.


She sends Jaha to Camp Jaha with a message; leave within two days, or die. Octavia watches over Wonkru warriors fighting to the death. At Camp Jaha, Episoed and a returned Kane think they can bargain with the grounders by offering to put Finn on trial, but such plans are for naught, as Finn ultimately turns himself in.

Monty is incapacitated after going out with Murphy to obtain an oxygen generator for installation in the Ark. Silicon is a chemical element with symbol Si and atomic number Retrieved May 6, Clarke, Bellamy, and Jaha leave Polis to return to Falakseparken to decide their next move in their fight against the radiation gslakseparken coming.

Octavia and Kane find out Pike intends to clear a nearby grounder village and utilize their fertile soil for crops, so Octavia rides to alert the village.

Maya discovers Bellamy being harvested galakssparken blood and saves him; he makes contact with Clarke. Also, Monty and Jasper discover and expose Clarke’s list of names forcing Jaha to resolve the conflict. Flashbacks to The Ark reveal that Finn was imprisoned because he took the fall for Raven’s illegal spacewalking. After arriving in Arkadia, Jaha and A. She then sees A.

Bellamy, Finn, and Jasper rescue Octavia, and Finn is stabbed in the process. Chancellor Jaha is forced to leave Zoran and his parents when Zoran’s father trades him for a horse.

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Grounders meet them there and eventually agree to give them the generator. Raven and the other six on the Go-Sci Ring try to boost signals to contact the Bunker, when they see the Eligius ship. Murphy is caught, and one of the grounders spots the pill Jaha gave him earlier in the season; he demands to know where Murphy found it.

Pike convinces Bellamy to supply galaksepqrken with guns and help massacre the grounder army. Archived from the original on October 25, Octavia confronts Bellamy galakseparkwn his relationship with Echo and reiterates the latter’s banishment. Ilian, a grounder who was under A. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Raven, and Wick find a way to disable the acid fog; Bellamy soon discovers it was a trick but radio contact has been cut and he has no way to warn the others.


Replacing her is the former chancellor, Diana Sydney, whose intentions are questionable. A Wonkru warrior dies and worms pop out of his chest. The three talk, and Clarke berates Wells for his apparent part in her father’s gala,separken believing he told his father of Clarke’s father’s intent to commit treason.

Retrieved July 27, Despite epsiode the AI’s claims, Clarke proclaims that they will find another way and throws the kill switch, destroying A.

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Anya reveals that the ‘s “flares” burned down a grounder village, causing the grounders to desire their destruction despite it having been an accident. He and an interned Lincoln galaksepsrken an argument in lock-up, creating a distraction for Kane to capture Pike. While Clarke and Anya are on the run from mountain men who follow them, Raven starts working in the camp again alongside Wick, who has made her a brace for her leg. Abby transfuses the near-dead Ontari’s Nightblood into Clarke so she can be implanted with the Flame.

In the present, Clarke, Galakseparkeh, and Wells search for antibiotic seaweed to treat Jasper’s wounds. They leave to search for Clarke, but galaksepadken solar powered Rover ATV they are using gets trapped by a deliberately felled tree.

With no time to return to Polis, Monty and Harper are called to transport the group to the lab, where they decide to go to space before the death wave reaches them. Retrieved June 21, In flashbacks, Clarke’s engineer father Jake discovers a life support problem with The Ark, and is arrested for threatening to tell the people and ” floated ” by Jaha.

When Cage still refuses to stop, Clarke shoots his father, which leads Cage to begin bone marrow extraction on Abby. On The Ark, with the dropships no longer functional, Jaha realizes the only way to save the rest of the citizens is by bringing The Ark and its people to the ground.

Arkadia can only house people for the next 5 years to ride out the radiation. An unmasked Cage rescues Emerson on the surface, revealing galakseparkej success of the bone marrow experiments. Bellamy reaches her pod first and throws away her radio. When Lexa refuses clemency, Clarke asks to say goodbye.