After a “getting acquainted” soak in the hot springs, Japan shows the guys his value as an ally by. If the World was Made Up of Cats Shows a little more from the neko nations. Wartime leaves the Axis with a lack of coffee, and Germany is assigned to come up with an alternative. Meanwhile, in the distant past, a young Lithuania meets a mysterious little boy Hungary remembered that Prussia was surrounded by men from birth and she realized why he acted like that.

Limited Edition Vocal CD: The discussion page may contain suggestions. The story of Boss Spain’s Control of Southern Italy continues, along with another story about Rome and Germania and one about Italy’s reckless driving. Comedy , Historical , Parody. Meanwhile, isn’t France dreamy? Greece’s philosophical side makes an appearance, and more is revealed about his strange relationship with Turkey. The World Twinkle Season 6 “. Millawls All reviews 9 people found this review helpful.

Hetalia: The World Twinkle – Hetalia Archives

Axis Powers Volume 5. Italy and Germany do something together while in a military tent. Such as France-cat’s taste in his Parisian home, also introducing Spain-cat and Turkey-cat. During World War One, Germany and England play a football match making a twimkle finale for the series.

After intercepting a message, the Allies travel to a worldd to meet up with the Axis Powers. Japan, Germany, and Italy roast marshmallows on the beach.

In a tale of times past, a younger China meets a strange small nation known as Japan. Germany looks to book smarts to figure out how to deal with Italy.

And he may not be prepared to deal with the sudden changes Sealand, Wy, Seborga, and recently joined Molossia continue their search for micronation friends. In which Chibi Romano episove a cute tsundere who really does care for Spain even though he has an odd way of showing it.

The War of Austrian Succession starts. Also features adaptation of “Previously in Hetalia”. The audience learns a bit more about the art of punchlines. Canada arrives late to a G8 meeting, but his absence and identity are barely recognized by the other nations. Adapts African War Front! It’s just another day in the life of Germany, as he attempts to brave the wait and chaos in a never-ending line at the supermarket.


Included on the Hetalia Fan Disc. Hungary hears a message from God telling her to hit France with a frying pan.

It’s Halloween night, and America wants Japan to help him finally win a Halloween prank war against undefeated England. ComedyHistoricalParody. The Tripartite Pact” Transcription: After that, America injures himself when England offers sorld some ice cream. Germany is prowling the woods of WWI in search of the enemy, when he happens upon a crate of tomatoes.

Hetalia: The World Twinkle

Russia and Germany form an alliance, while Italy fears that the other Axis Powers will eventually abandon him.

In a universe similar yet different from this one, three students at the World Academy W decide to survey the others on how they spend their winter holiday. Meanwhile, Italy and Turkey discuss the times when Chibitalia used to beat up Turkey, much to the surprise and disbelief of Germany. Adapts Germany and Cohabitation from Hetalia: Hetalua Newspaper Club, which consists of Germany, Italy, and Japan decide to interview all of the clubs in the school.

Adapts In those days, Chibi-chan was Retrieved November 26, If the World peisode Made Up of Cats England goes in search of friends, and while he hits it off well with Japan, Snglish boss has twjnkle plans. Adapts America’s Situation With Ghosts. After meeting France, a Parisian mortal ponders what it means to live forever.

Until We Meet Again! Fukunaga, Gen Executive Producer. America uses a nonexistent notebook computer to calculate a route from America to Germany. Since Italy’s kind of a moron, he keeps getting captured by the Allies. France and England later bicker over how to deal with the Axis during an Uetalia meeting. Italy and Germany wait for Christmas Day. A Strange History Lesson Do you love history?


In order to solve the mystery, Estonia hires America to trace the hack.

Sealand, Wy, and Seborga go out to make some new friends with other micronations. In another story, Switzerland turns out to be a lot different than Japan had thought. Also Nekotalia is introduced. Chibi Romano decides to travel home for three days, but Boss Spain is worried, so he follows him, only to find someone else showing interest. Axis Powers by Hidekaz Himaruyapremiered on July 3, [2] [3] [5] for streaming on the Docomo Anime Store, though the first three episodes received an early release for paying Twnikle subscribers on June 27, Germany attempts to teach Italy how to throw a grenade, England focuses the wisdom of the British Empire on making new, cutting-edge cooking appliances, and the old musket in America’s storage room brings back another memory of times long past: Welcome to the anime Hetalia, where wars and trade disputes are presented as goofy misunderstandings between high school boys.

S at the Center of the World! Belgium and Netherlands comes to neglish them. However, on his way to talk with Germany, he accidentally stumbles dangerously into Switzerland’s territory. Finishes the Salted Salmon story. America continues on his mission to get Japan to open up. Sono 2 ” Japanese: Austria and Germany argue over whether Beethoven is an Austrian or a German.