Bong Yi shows them the ring and tells them about Dong Hae proposing. Episode 67 Episode Episode 5 Episode 5. Dong Hae is embarrassed by people’s attitude. Cast – Smile Donghae. Mal Sun presses Hye Suk on how she found the dress. Episode 84 Episode Pil Yong says he would take care of it.

The shareholders’ general meeting and Dong Hae’s wedding are on the same day. Bong Yi appreciates it but then Sun Woo declares that he’s not giving up. Dong Hae is embarrassed by people’s attitude. Bong Yi tries to explain but Dong Hae kisses her. Kim decides she won’t let anyone disrupt her family and she kicks Saewa out of the house. Bong Yi asks her if she’s okay but Sae Wa mistakes it for pity and gets madder. Hye Suk and Sae Wa still find a way to hide the truth.

Mal Sun is shocked after she knows Dong Bak died from heart attack. Episode 40 Episode Everyone goes out to meet them. Bong Yi tries to explain but Dong Hae kisses her. Meanwhile, Kim Jun tries to do best to find her.

Episode 89 Episode He borrows some work clothes from Tae Hoon. Sool Nyeo says there’s nothing much she can do. She will do anything so that Hye Sook and Do Jin won’t lose the hotel.

Smile Dong Hae – 129

She looks at her ring again and smiles to herself. Dojin finally gets the name of Saewa’s former boyfriend and after Yujin confirms it, Dojin confronts Dong Hae about his past with his wife. Pil Yong warns Anna not ronghae shake Kim Jun’s mind. Do Ji Won Main Cast.


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Pil Yong hugs Dong Hae too. Pages home kdrama jdrama movies misc about me. Kim decides to drop out of the cooking competition. Joon tells her not to act this way because it’ll only be harder on Do Jin.

Dong Hae contemplates quitting his job as everyone now knows about Saewa and his past relationship and Bong Yi is worried about losing Dong Hae if he leaves. He says Anna already stole his dad from them so how can she be the Jo’s lost daughter. Kim Jun ask Dong Hae leave the hotel, Dong Hae says no but agrees to leave if he loses in the cooking competition.

Dae Sam hints they could get together too. Episode 74 Episode Mal Sun asks about Joon but Anna says she can’t like like him anymore since he’s already married.

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Episode 42 Episode When he tries to call Mr. Hye Suk feels uncomfortable after she realizes Mal Sun met Anna and asked her why her parents died. Sun Woo says that he’s just finishing the financial statements and he’ll be done in about 2 or 3 days.


Bong Yi is jealous of the attention Yujin is giving Dong Hae and Piljae wonders if he should confess his feelings for Anna. Bongi proves Dong Hae didn’t do any wrong doings. Do Jin assigns Bong Yi as a Kimchi business manager. Bong Yi asks her if she’s okay but Sae Wa mistakes it for pity and gets madder.

Smile, Dong-hae (웃어라 동해야) Korean – Drama – Episode 129

Episode 13 Episode Seo Nu gives himself up to the police. Episode 37 Episode Episode 95 Episode Episode 57 Episode Dojin wonders what is going on with Dong Hae and his father.

Hye Sook says it’s Anna but Do Jin wouldn’t believe it, saying it’s impossible. Episode 27 Episode Episode 15 Episode