Use the HTML below. The lawyer has only 3 to 6 months to live. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! This documentary is less than an hour long and features the cultural exploration and evocation of Ayahuasca. What were some of their healing stories? The experience is terrifying, dark and demonic for some. Stepping Into The Fire full Ayahuasca documentary by rybysferyczne — This documentary includes the story of a lawyer with a terminal illness and a father named Rob. The ayahuasca experience really gave that to me, gave me the inspiration.

Though for me there was no “metamorphosis” and it was without dramatic effect, it was indeed a powerful experience where I got it with “both barrels”. My dad and grandpa got me into it. I knew I had lost my mind laughter. And I’ve always loved nature photography. I had some mild visions at first. I think those images were important to my creativity. I had more trepidation the second night. He had just gone into the jungle and met a shaman.

They also started a movement after the ayahuasca ceremonies. The next day I talked to Hamilton Souther, the owner of Blue Morpho and one of the Master Shamans, and he was able to put me at ease within a few minutes.

So he’s a conduit to helping other people heal metanorphosis this tradition. I knew it could be powerful and difficult, but I really did feel at ease, strangely.

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You shape that story. One Ayahuasca user noted that he struggled to purge, but the chants helped him. For most people who go to drink ayahuasca medicine, nothing else has worked, or they are looking to really challenge themselves. And I’ve always loved nature photography. Between him and his teachers, Alberto and Julio, something really special is happening at Blue Omvie. Ayahuasca users felt meeting God and finding the divine love.

The experience brought their human consciousness to a huge turn. I’ve been going through the festival process this year. It was a pretty rough experience. It opens up a healthy dialog. The miracle healing includes one patient with cancer. He now finds joy in the most simple things love, nature, humanity, friendship and parenthood.


Learn the wonders of Ayahuasca by watching the video below. That being said, Metamorohosis wanted to present an accurate story, not a promotional advertisement. I knew I had to do it.

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There are people from all walks of life, all income levels, all different kinds of jobs, seeking all different kinds of healings, looking for all different kinds of things in their lives. Even though this film discuss aspects of spiritually and other plant medicines, its main focus is still on ayahuasca. He felt that he already completed what he needs to do. He was in the professional business world but was not able to move forward because of his sickness.

The next few ceremonies I felt, off and on, like I wanted to die, and like I was never going to make it through the week of five ceremonies. We will never sell, rent, or share your email. I wanted a good cross section.

Every night I saw the people going into ceremony to face their fears. I went through some very challenging experiences during metamorphossis and I think they helped remind me of what I was doing as I was making the movie.

Her experience was more visual. For those who want to learn the healing wonders of Ayahuasca, this documentary is the best clip to watch. Well, there mogie a whole spread of people that travel to South America to try drinking ayahuasca for healing.

To me, Blue Morpho is a unique place because one of the shamans is a westerner. It’s also very interesting that you appear as the director in the film, going through your own difficulties in the ceremonies. I knew it could be a lot worse than it was, and I knew I had some things I wanted to face, so I was definitely more apprehensive for my second ceremony.

She had tried all kinds of therapy and medicines, but nothing was helping her until she drank in a few ceremonies. In this clip, Aurianna Joy explained how her first Ayahuasca ceremony went.


She explained that the experience made her feel the presence around her. One saw a vision of his childhood, the other one felt that the most terrible vision he saw was seeing his mom dead.

At one point during the film, one of the shamans says, “Everybody who comes here suffers,” and the film is really about facing fear, I think.

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Start With a Classic Cult. It was really cool. This footage that is over an hour and a half long vividly shows the different experiences, emotions and transformations of Ayahuasca users. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Although anybody exploring the Ayahusaca world should use the word “authority” very lightly, Keith Aronowitz’s new ayahusaca feature length documentary, ” Metamorphosis ,” does a laudable job of translating the difficult healing experiences of ayahuasca shamanism into film.

I felt like I could do endless examinations about ayahuasca shamanism, and I wanted to do something in my life I was passionate about after my ceremonies. A tradition is being kept in tact, kept sacred, but also shared with the world. I really wanted my own vision and voice, too. In one scene, someone appears to be possessed.

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It is not something one should take without supervision or at some place providing inadequate support. To what extent is an ayahuasca ceremony about fear? This film will surely take your faith in Ayahuasca to new heights.

We will send you over email, one for each day. I had more trepidation the second night. It also highlighted the Ayahuasca ceremony that changed the lives of the individuals.