Chhota Shakeel Photo courtesy: Starting off with a small amount of food for the poor every day, he began organising food for them at a massive scale as he flourished. He needed the help of powerful musclemen to reach where he wanted to. Baashu Dada never wore full-sleeved shirts. One of the top smugglers of his time, Baashu dealt in gold and silver. However, as was widely reported in several newspapers at the time, his wife had another story to tell: On his 50 th birthday, one of his sycophants gifted him an expensive walking stick.

Retrieved 18 October His special guests are housed in Moin Palace while other less important ones are accommodated in a guesthouse in the vicinity of the Palace. No one was allowed to believe he was greater than Baashu. He started importing gold from Africa and the Middle East and starting selling silver bricks known as chandi ki eente to countries from where he was importing gold. So I met up with him at the cheerfully-named Bahar restaurant in the Fort area of Mumbai. What legends are made of”. This hit him badly—so much that he sent his men to attack the Outlook office. Mastan was a well-connected smuggler and Karim Lala, a ruthless muscleman:

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Developments in Dubai When he is on the move a cordon of Pak Rangers escorts him, putting the security of the Pakistani president to shame. Retrieved 15 May The victim managed to trace Ibrahim and complained to him.

Both took up their positions, palms outstretched, hips raised, and legs extended, only their toes touching the ground. Nobody had the guts to snub him the way Ibrahim Bhai did.


Soon after, inMorarji Desai, the chief minister of Bombay presidency, imposed prohibition of liquor and other contraband in the state. As he walked home to his basti from Crawford Market, he would often walk past the grandiose southern Bombay area of Grant Road, which housed those epislde theatres, Alfred and Novelty.

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The White Kaskar The girls are alright, but the boys? So, when Mastan proposed the alliance, it was an offer Varda could not refuse.

Retrieved 22 August Once released, Baashu joined the ranks of unemployed youth in the city. To the up and coming smuggler, such a blatant dismissal was a slap in the face.

Escaping a life limited to ploughing their fields, these north Indians rooted for Mumbai hands down. Archived from the original on 11 March Dawood Ibrahim with Chhota Rajan before they fell out. He has since appeared in several films with the character name “Vijay”. During the same year, he made his television debut as the host of the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Despite the head constable being younger to him by a decade or more, Lala began to call him Ibrahim Bhai. The initial fancy he took to bodybuilding turned previwe an obsession.

Retrieved 29 Episoode Epidode he held the purse strings, this would not be a problem. Anand ‘s Agneepath and later starred in Hum According to his closest aides, Baashu Dada was unlettered and incapable of even signing his own name. Manya Surve after being shot dead in an encounter bum 23 January Do you still consider yourself to be a patriotic Indian? Archived from the original on 17 August Varda was arrested for stealing antennae from the customs dock area. Archived from the original on 3 December These exploits earned the intrepid Baashu an early nickname: Initially, Karim Lala had frowned at the gift saying he was still strong and fit enough to mulke around without the help of a stick.


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Customs officials kept their word with Mastan and released Varda. Retrieved 25 October The trade, mostly active after midnight, would consist of a few who knew how to mix liquor, and another set of people who provided the security cover and kept vigil.

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However Ibrahim, who was transferred to the Crime Branch, was swarmed with work in his new posting and did not have the time to constantly discipline and watch over his troublemaker son. The club was frequented by all kinds of people—paupers and those with deep pockets; those who could afford to lose money and milr who struggled to survive; daily wage labourers and middle-class men.

His exact age was not known, but in the early fifties, the Pathans threw a huge party for his fiftieth birthday. Customs officials got their consignment and saved their jobs, Mastan got his partner to help him achieve his new-found dreams.