It’s up to them to undo the curse, but must switch their lifestyle to do that. There, they met the witch-like school librarian, Lucresia Tetchie Agbayani. In her desire to win, Trixie recklessly violates the graves in the cemetery, unknowingly inciting the anger of the souls inhabiting them. It is up to Ken to help Monica get her self-confidence and her to lift his curse. Because Galactica’s powers are too much to handle, she chooses three individuals on earth to fight said villain. In , he left the show for another hosting gig in the Sunday game show Family Kuwarta o Kahon where he got to work with his uncle Pepe Pimentel. When he wears them, he is able to walk without any problems, but if he takes them off, he returns to his original injured state.

They join various contests in a big event in their community, aiming to seize the biggest prizes. Tanya is a young girl who has emulated the arrogance of her mother. GMA-7 shows are still the leaders in the primetime block. Barbie is a young girl who does not understand the prohibition of using and selling plastic bags in their city. Annika makes sure not to get wet as she could cause a mess of colors. But he became ambitious, and it’s up to the magical biton on how to deal with him. Nilo is a child who is punished to become a fish after accidentally stepping on a dakuwaka, a rare kind of fish which believed to be the guardian of the sea.

She uses it for her personal gain but will soon realize the consequences of her excuses. One night, she was taken by the queen of lice. The episode will revolve around the kind and studious young girl named Kat and the school bully Bea.

Grace is a young girl who with an obsession for flowers. Elaine’s dream to make Charles fall for her eventually comes true when she is given a magic bowl that makes her attractive in the eyes of the person who eats a fruitcake she bakes in it.


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The neighbors in Inday’s house inspects about her appearance and the two genies that help her. Sometime after the accident, he prayed that he could walk and dance again, so that he can go back to school and find his relatives who are far away from a city. The tale of Terry Kimberlya kid spoiled by her grandma Daria but disciplined by her mother, Linda Glydel. Rose is a girl who has no respect for nature.

Monica, an ugly nerd woman fell in love with Yoshi, the campus crush, but was discouraged. At the same night, the stepmother’s dance instructor seduces Inday into getting her stepmother into kidnapping Inday.

She does not want to do some physical activities but to stay in her room with her gadgets. She tried to catch all her 28 teeth. Despite warnings from his family, Jairo and Raven continue becoming friends. It was hosted by broadcast journalist Tony Calvento. As her problem persists, while she is sleeping, her teeth left her gums. Karen wanted to crash herself, Carl and Julian, but Carl took hold of the wheel and ran Karen into a pole.

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He lives a happy life with his parents, who have boyfiie him that having compassion is enough to make a person a superhero. Member feedback about The Maricel Drama Special: A cowardly boy named Omar receives a magical device that enables him to see the future.

His dad gives his son a dog named Pluto. An episode which will teach the importance of listening.

In Touch with Dr. When she had already saw her mother, Inday goes back to the market to epidode against her mother’s gay son.

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Kimberly asks help from a spellcaster to place a spell on Truman which can only be cured if he finds someone who will truly love him even if he turns into an ugly person. Or will Jairo become the new Raven and get sucked into his favorite computer game to replace the old Raven? She wants to impress the boy of her dreams by adopting a cat named Jacqueline. The lesson is brushing her teeth everyday.


Season 3 had 14 episodes, season 4 had 11 episodes, season 5 had 12 episodes, season 6 had 8 episodes while season 7 had 18 episodes. So a man saves her and brings her mother to the hospital. Gellie is a young girl who is longing for the attention of her parents who are too busy with their jobs.

Philippine teen drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Teen drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Philippine drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. She uses a magical ointment to rub on her face turned into Mylene.

Will he ask forgiveness from his family before time runs out? One mysterious day, she wakes up with long and rep,ay hair, which will turn her life around.

Seasons 1 and 2 had both 11 episodes. Will the two friends be able to heal the wounds of their parents’ past and finally teach them to forgive and forget? The turtle was revealed as magical and gave Kikay the power to save spp mankind and sea creatures.

Anika is replat young woman who has never had a boyfriend. Kokoy is a young boy who does not want to cut his nails because of a bad experience. The story of sisters Petra and Aya who are working in a pepper farm owned by their cruel aunt.