Login to make your opinion count. Vijay gaaru Does this mean Krishna Crossed Shobhan from this year? Alludagaaro Zindabad was released with heavy expectations but failed to reach the expectations and ended up being the first flop film in Shobhan Sharada combination till then. Mayadari Alludu and Nayudugari Abbayi are commercially successful films. The 20 best actresses of Malayalam film. Korukunna Mogudu is a flop film but did have decent run in major centers Vijayawada Alankar – 48 days; Hyderabad Basant 40 days.

Top Rated Indian Movies. Raghuramudu and Rajakumar were disasters. Though if mere statistics of just having 7 direct days and just 15 direct 50 days were considered, this film may not be a superhit film range of other top heroes or even K. Devudu Mavaiah was a disaster. The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb. Originally Posted by Mistervijay Chiru Chiru acted in 13 films.

Puli Bebbuli was a commercially successful multistarrer film in which Chiru was sidelighted and after this film Chiru never acted in a true multistarrer.

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Agni gundam was a disaster. Ilaalu was another hit film which had 6 direct days centers and another shift days centers. The film had 2 shift days run Vijayawada and Hyderabad.

OK Cancel Login to make your opinion count. Mayadari Alludu and Nayudugari Abbayi are commercially successful films. Girijaa kalyaanam was a disaster. Abhillasha can be said as an example of a classic film. Though the film did not have direct days anywhere, the film collected well.


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Among top heros, this was highest for any hero in a single year during Slab period. Login to make your opinion count. Krishnam raju garu top heroes list loki raledha eppudu?? Out of 13 films, one was a multistarrer and 2 were flops and 10 films were commercially okay or successful films and proved that Chiru was going to stay. See what’s trending now. Large images may take a few minutes to appear. Sungurshana had paggabattina openings and had consistent good run aimham A.

This film was had more direct 50 days centers than any other A Kodandarami Reddy film until Pasivaadi Praanam. Related News Remembering Srividya: Uddhadudu was a flop film but surprisingly had a shift days run in Hyderabad with just 3 weeks pagabqttina in main theater Sudarshan 35mm. Daana Veera Soora Karna Draupadi. Devudu Mavaiah was a disaster.

Maga Maharaju proved that Chiru can attract family crowds also in a big manner. The 20 best actresses of Malayalam movies.

Nyaayam Jaavali was the biggest hit of Chiru in the year People earlier patronized films as a whole film, but from Khaidhi onwards, people started liking a film if one song and one fight are extremely good. Krishna entered the top three league for first time in his career in this year. This film had 3 direct 50 days centers and 3 shift days centers.


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Punyam Koddee purushudu was a commercially successful film. Telugu lo chiru vachaka original hair, tan color with avg looks, Robust physique,original fights, good dances and melodrama leni acting, Style and dashing body lang nu introduce chesadu Bandhaalu Anubandhaalu was a disaster.

The film had direct days run in 1 center and 4 other direct 50 days centers. In Vijayawada, 8 consecutive films starting from Iddaru Kodukulu till Illaali Korikalu had, almost 50 days run directly Iddaru Kodukulu – 46 days; Korukunna Mogudu – 48 days.

Gurushishyulu is a multistarrer film with ANR and was an above average film which collected well and has 4 shift days centers. Dandayaathra and Bharyaamani were above average films, which had shift days centers in a few centers. Janalu kuda past 3 decades oke type chusi visigipoyi vunnaru and were looking for new kind of heroes.

Top 10 Greatest Indian Actresses. Sitha devi was a disaster. Bharath Shanti – Bharat’s pagabbattina. Start With a Classic Cult. Blla Ranga had good openings Sitha devi was a disaster.

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