I probably saw a copy of The Good Earth in my parents’ house many years ago, assumed it to be something of appeal to old-timers, and forgot it. Aku hanya membacanya di sela-sela membaca Trio Detektif dan Lupus, tanpa sadar itulah salah satu buku pemenang nobel. I didn’t have that impatient feeling of “I can’t wait for this to end. In , she won the Nobel Prize for literature. Ia bahkan dengan berani merubah waktu sejarah untuk sekedar mendapatkan plot yang sesuai. Finally, after the deaths of both Mao and Pearl, a nonagenarian Willow makes a pilgrimage to America to scatter Chinese earth over Pearl’s grave.

Peael dilarang masuk China oleh antek2 Madam Mao dan dicap sbg imperialis kultural. See all 3 questions about Pearl of China‚Ķ. Namun kisah percintaaan antara Pearl dengan Hsu Chih-mo tak bertahan lama karena kecelakaan pesawat yang menimpa Hsu Chih-mo berujung pada kematiannya. Does not provide detailed analysis. She died a year later, heartbroken that she’d been unable to return to the nation she loved so much. The Chinese don’t need a blonde woman to tell their stories[. Siapa yg menanam budi dia akan menuai kebaikan.

Among the Chinese voices denouncing Buck in was a teenage Anchee Min, who later immigrated to America and began writing books about her country’s tumultuous history. Buck throughout her life. Buck at a young age. I wonder if someone read it along the way?! Eparl a teenager in China during the Cultural Revolution, author Anchee Min was asked to denounce the ov “American cultural imperialist” Pearl Buck.

Mar 29, Gaby rated it really liked it Shelves: The entire book made me feel as if I was watching something from very far. Look at the recent history of invasion by Japan, then civil war and then Mao Even with those caveats, “Pearl of China” is a loving tribute to Buck and a oof peek into the hearts and lives of the Chinese people who knew her.


She moved to the United States in I wanted more depth on her relationship with her husband, good or bad; or her lover. Between the religion and the skipping over what could have been amazing stories, it was a miss for me.

It tells the story of Pearl’s young life among the chinese and her friendship with Willow. If they loose this one they can follow it step by step to see whio ate the chocolate. Many xhina the more exciting scenes, such as where Buck and her family are snopsis shot by a Warlord and his band of Red Guards, are pure fiction. In later years, when Willow is ordered to denounce her friend just as Min was brainwashed to doshe refuses and pays a steep price. This was very, very disturbing. This book is a very well done blend of fiction and true history.

Pearl of China by Anchee Min

Yee juga patut dikagumi krn luar biasanya manfaat memaafkan dgn tulus. It wasn’t a long book. I found this an interesting read. This friendship continues even after Pearl moves to the United States for college.

But this book is much more about minn struggles of the people that Pearl Buck loved and championed. I discovered Pearl Buck in my teens and devoured her books.

Buku-bukunya diterjemahkan ke dalam lebih dari bahasa. What I didn’t like: The parts about Madam Mao horrified me. Aku adalah satu generasi yang telah diindoktrin untuk berpikir sangat rendah terhadap Buck. Mr Yee yg berkepribadian mirip Santo Petrus yg menyangkal Yesus 3 kali, melakukan hal yg sama terhadap Absalom, tetapi selalu dimaafkan.

The letters seem like a cheap device to mn the narrative along but accomplish little else.

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The teenage Min, who had never been allowed to read “The Good Earth,” nonetheless dutifully dismissed it as dangerous, hateful and insulting. You cannot help but think – is HE a good person?


I think life during the Cultural Revolution was well portrayed. She has gone to America to see Pearl’s grave. Pearl is head-strong, independent and fiercely intelligent, and will grow up to be Pearl S Buck, the Pulitzer- and Nobel Prize-winning writer and humanitarian activist.

If you’re looking for insight into Buck’s extraordinary life, you should probably read Hilary Spurling’s new biography. Moving through the major events of Chinese history and politics with some serious literary license until the end of Pearl’s life and the opening of China again to the West. It gave a mix of western and Chinese points of view.

I continually was synppsis the thought – how can they feel that? Absalom, Pearll father, could only think of converting the Chinese. Di situ Anchee seakan ingin mengungkap kesalahan masa lalunya dengan menceritakan kisah Pearl Synopsid.

I didn’t have that impatient feeling of “I can’t wait for this to end. I found Pearl of China moving and inspiring – a glimpse into the life of one of the most interesting people of the 20th century.

Fiction review: ‘Pearl of China’ by Anchee Min

Di bagian ini semakin mencuat pandangan2 Pearl ttg China. Her own experience as an author is also telling. ReadingGroupGuides – Pearl of China Offers reading group guides containing a brief summary and discussion questions written by the publisher.

Its brevity is problematic in that events move quickly and the transitions cnina often choppy and unclear.