Here, finally, is a Sunday puzzle that is tight, professional, and pleasing to solve, and then we have to read what Rex says. So this crossword was a cinch for me. Except that it’s Jonathan Demme, not Demming. I’ll look forward to your commentary. He’s seen too many “crimes” And to vehemence he now resorts. So, count me as one who didn’t know Fleming, but still enjoyed the puzzle.

In my selection above, after the stormy overture comes some of the most ravishingly beautiful music at the 5: I’ll send to one in Mantua, Where that same banish’d runagate doth live, Shall give him such an unaccustom’d dram, That he shall soon keep Tybalt company: Bernard Jump on one leg Sheep’s cry. And, to take the cake, how could so many people not know who Victor Fleming the director was. Nice to learn something new on a Sunday morn. On the day that Leigh was announced as the lead, the same day that Edward abdicated so he could marry Simpson, some papers chose to run the Scarlett headline as the lead story.

It says something about the crowd here that they are more familiar with VF, the very fine crossword constructor, than they are with the director. It was originally released silent, but in it was re-released with added sound.

The correct answer i Prescott and Woodbury fight while camping. Member feedback about Lisbon film: The screenplay concerns a young woman studying at University who falls in love with Don Juan.


Are we supposed to wait until his th or th birthday before a puzzle on this guy is fair game? Of the juvenile actors involved, Fowler making his screen debut here aged 15 and Cole then 16 would go on to very successful adult careers, while Angela Glynne and Stanley Escane had more modest careers for the next decade or so. Had to Google it after the fact. Hymer and LeRoy Clemens. He was born and died in London, England.

Enter as an individual or bring a team of 4! No way a newbie gets a puzzle like this published “Hi, my name’s Milos Forman, and I want to write a puzzle about the director of the same name, with his name and a bunch of his movies in it, in honor of his upcoming 83rd birthday … hello? One by one the three men come to love Sylvia. As it was, I just didn’t have the prescience to see the missing crosses so the proper names were inaccessible, so this one was truly an impossible solve for my limited movie knowledge.

However the company’s decision to shoot it and other films that year as silents led to large financial losses due to the emergence of sound. Mantrap film topic L-R: The film features the debut of actress Louise Brooks in an uncredited role. A print survives in the Narodni Filmovy Archiv. Woodbury Pallettewho runs a ladies hosiery business across the hall, suggests that they get away from the city and camp in Mantrap, Canada.


Percy Marmont – Wikipedia

My accountant uses ‘basis’ to describe equity, not the accounting ‘method’ which is cost or cash. Do you remember having to read Of Mice and Men? You can only comment in plain text no html tags are allowed.

Who ever knew C D ha Blake References Munden p. The puzzle is by no means bad. Barrows as Yacht Captain J.

Possible Solution

Pettus Louise Prussing as Mrs. Independent Puzzles American Values Club xword ed.

This dude has built a puzzle or sixty before. If Rex doesn’t go on and on these days about how bad the fill is, I guess that counts as a success? I think I’ve read since that half of these are not true. Third term exercise when I was in film school was to make a 10 minute silent film. Yes please, register now! From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

Too smooth, too strong. Everything else fell quickly and quietly. It reminds me of NYT puzzles from an earlier era. Glad to see it was fun for so many.