He captures In Woo’s inner conflict so well, that it’s hard not to feel for the guy, even if he does border on being slightly selfish or even just plain mean. None of the above dramas have anything typical about them. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Thank you very Much for this one.

There are so many things to be said about this final part which lead to that kisssssssss. The script is well written and many little things in the scene are so symbolic e. She was SO cool! And I’m going to have to say that amg1 really needs to read your entire comment and also to argue things in context to see that in woo is not a sociopath – particularly since I beg to ask: I’m quite slow on this things. Seriously, the twitchy eyes and sneaky glances at her photos were funny! I guess I’ve written a lot, againnnn!!!

Wah — dishing out advice just like an older sister! In-woo, say it isn’t so, please, I want to see your card under that sleeve of yours. He tries to escape from her words, but she follows him, she needs to wake him up, to show him the light at the end of the dramacraxy.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I started dressing like her too.

Prosecutor Princess

I think it helped that the writing was solid, Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo can actually ACT, they had great chemistry together, making this much better than the usual fluffy romantic comedies or dramadies out there. I am going to miss this drama!


Agree with prossecutor rock comments In Woo stands before her, holding a small carry-on bag. One glimpse at the official poster tells you everything about it. I hope she gets back at him for that Gosh I wrote a bit more than I wanted to, which was: They are totally original, well acted and well written.

It is Wednesday, yay!!

Still 4 more episodes to go! There are only two episodes left and there is still so much unresolved. Se Joon approaches her and she runs away without taking the file — too embarrassed.

Moreover, he’s strict and weird, but I can’t feel the necessary “evilness” for killing someone. She asks what is right, that he knew her from the first time they met?

Flashback KDrama Review: Prosecutor Princess

Hye Ri is unable to move from her spot. I was going to go all the way out and pin point proaecutor the times in which you have agree with me in a roundabout way!!! Click here to learn more. We were so proud of Hye Ri when she went and arrested the bad guys- could she be any more different from the start of the drama?

She wants to know everything that happened on that day; it would be useless for her father to hide it anymore since she knows the truth from Mr. At least I won’t be fuming over any angst that dramas give me. I LOVE the crime chart.

Prosecutor Princess: Episode 13 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Seriously, the twitchy eyes and sneaky glances at her photos were funny! Thanks for all the recaps. Wow — this ended up being long… By the way — anyone notice that her nails are no longer the ghastly yellow-tipped French manicure? Shin gives her a call. He MUST use it. Translation of the clock scene!: While I won’t be able to wear them, I just love to review the styles. I remember an episode where he met a politician and it appeared dramaccrazy those two had some history behind them. We confess we cried during both reunions between Tak Prijcess and proaecutor mother and father.


But after the first few weeks the order switched and I’d be downloading PP as soon as I could.

TearDrop’s Kiss: Prosecutor Princess Episode 7

Would you say that she couldn’t wear any shoes to go meet him, because she was not confident in herself and in him anymore heels and that she had lost her landmarks no flats because even her inner child was shaken?

Just as he was looking for justice, his father was dying of a heart attack. Indeed I have read the whole recap!!! I guess I’ll be waiting for the next episode prosecutod.

You will epksode a link to create a new password via email. It was very insightful! Who should appear but exercise-fanatic Ma Hye Ri! Just want to point out, the clock scene reminds me alot with one scene in all about eve drama where kim so yeon was in it,too.

If that is so, why did he have to go through Hye Ri?