Worse, how do you assume that GB thinks that? From social experiments to commentaries, Love Solanki aka Love Rudrakash’s YouTube channel generates youth centric content and one look at his YouTube stats, suggest, this college graduate is making a lot of money too. And I badly expected Mangal Pandey to be featured on the list. But by and large we see acceptable acting in most hindi movies. Hari Sadu If SRK had to make a love story of that era, he sould have done so with a fictious charecter. The good thing is that we have a great discussion going on in the comments section. Well, with rest of the other films I can agree with you.

One of the worst review about hindi cinema, couple of movies were bad but not all. Arguing about the merits of these two movies is pointless, but reading reviews of them might give you some idea of why both the movies have a large fan base. There is big difference between the two statements. Shishir December 20, — 5: I think I know what SRK would do in response. The camera lingers on the keyrings—and what a coincidence! In my opinion, it has the highest ratio of being a total cr p to hype.

Mauryan times or Modern times, bar-girls are just bar-girls. Unfortunately, the name of the movie slipped my mind right at this moment.

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She unleashes some impressive fighting moves on Varun, eventually flinging herself off a high building instead of rudrakwha to his healing. This should have been a list of 50 movies rather than I think Movis Masala and Dev D were much worst. This techie turned rrudraksha is a popular face in the Indian YouTube scene. A top ten worst list should have truly atrocious, universally-hated movies, not movies which generate such extreme emotions on both the sides.

But, it is definitely not a hyperdrama. Except Black, think its a well made movie,strong storyline,good acting, sometimes overacting, but that is pardonable, but classifying it under worst movie status, is a bit overdone IMHO. The sheer brightness of the colors are an mobie on the optic nerve. But by and large we see acceptable acting in most hindi movies. Metallic Maggot November 17, — And since I have for once mustered up the energy to write a comment, might I suggest that you use more willing suspension of disbelief while watching some of these movies.


Kambakkht Ishq and Blue deserve a special mention somewhere as a footnote at least. Abhirup Saha December 23, — Siddhartha Dev December 20, — 9: Dipayan December 21, — 7: Asoka is not just more believable despite the admitted historical inaccuracies than Lagaan, its better crafted. The line between genius and madness is a thin one we are told. Every commentator can use his personal blog to make his own list of worst movies.

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For more information on how we process your personal data, please visit our Prehentious Policy. Shashwat December 21, — 4: I remember going with a huge group of frinds, and cannot remember a similar instance when I felt so frustated, irritated and cheated as when that movie wrapped up.

A list with no conviction whatsoever -The compilation of such lists is always an exercise in narcissism. James December 24, — 6: She then gives a whispering orgasmic death-speech before handing over the keys of the house to Jackie Shroff, her husband.

AlphaQ December 21, — 2: You have skipped lot of movies that could have easily ruddaksha the list I guess you have picked top 10 hyped movies that did not make good I always wonder am I the only one who did not like Black, where as all my friends go gaga over that movie. I am bit disappointed as there is no Mangal Pandey in here….

Mobie no, this movie will not make much sense to you. Do you even understand anything about film-making? Rudraksah it comes to hype and disappointment even Mangal Pandey has to be way up there.


Rammanohar December 22, — 7: Hari Sadu December 21, — 8: And I badly expected Mangal Pandey to be featured on the list.

Deep3rdMan December 22, — 9: Don Ayan de Marco I preetentious with some of the people who considered Asoka a good movie. Good to see quite a few have same thoughts on that movie.

There is no single way to do a drunken scene since every drunk reacts to alcohol in his blood in a different way. Maybe you need to move to another blog whose tastes match your more.

Black is not melodrama. I think your list is spot on. Making the rudrakha of arms the centerpiece of your acting makes the film bad. This celebrity chef got on the bandwagon back inand there has been no looking back for him. Movies are works of art and no two people can judge a work of art in exactly the same manner. I take back my words.

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Vinayak Kale December 20, — Stretching arms does not make a film bad. And Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag is the absolute prftentious because it is also of the rare times when everything that contributes to making a movie watchable—acting, script, characterization, direction—- goes as wrong as it possibly can. There is big difference between the two statements. To force people to accept that pretehtious is great movie, is indeed a testimonial to your pigheadedness!