Retrieved from ” https: Brody successfully procures the list the next day while Roya distracts Estes. Roya says that the world is at war and Brody needs to pick a side. The finale proved them wrong. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Homeland , a series that could seemingly do no wrong over much of its first two years on Showtime, finally showed signs of faltering during the later weeks of its sophomore season, thanks to a series of somewhat implausible plot twists more worthy of 24 than of a critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning series. Let us know in the comments section below. For much of the second season, the writers had built up low expectations, giving even devoted viewers reason to feel cheated.

What to Watch Now on Prime Video. Even in the epilogue, there were strange choices, like Lockhart — who, remember, hated and mistrusted Carrie even more than he felt that way about Saul, and who was witness to so many of her refusals to follow orders — not only keeping her on, but promoting her to one of the choicest positions in the Agency. It gets laughed off as a joke, but word gets back to Jessica Morena Baccarin , who confronts Dana about it that night. And amazingly, it did accomplish that. TV by the Numbers. What to Watch Now on Starz.

And amazingly, it did accomplish that. And Lewis got a few more strong moments before we said goodbye. I’m not sure this episode works as a season finale, even as I love it as an episode sepinwalp television.

Retrieved October 6, Raw, magnetic, unflinching, mesmerizing acting, that was. HitFix hommeland Alan Sepinwall felt Damian Fknale performance was particularly strong, and highlighted the confrontation between Brody and Jessica as the best scene of the episode. TIME ‘ s James Poniewozik praised the premiere, saying “what made this such a strong season debut was that the internal drama of the characters was at least as compelling as the thriller stuff”.

The episode was co-written by executive producers Alex Gansa and Howard Gordonwhile executive producer Michael Cuesta directed.


Review: Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ returns strongly for season 2

Yes, some episodes are more eventful than others, and some of the characters are less than exciting, but we all know that IS realistic. And there has always been an undeniable chemistry between Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, and an added charge to the show whenever these two hopelessly damaged individuals have been put together. Maybe it was just that Carrie and Brody worked so poorly together as a couple, but the performances of Danes and Zepinwall didn’t seem nearly as impressive this season in comparison to what we witnessed a year ago.

They stuck the landing, ended this season satisfyingly, while plausibly setting things in motion for season 2. And maybe there can be some interesting material there along the way, depending on how prominent it is. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A little bit of outlandish is welcomed, if you ask me, i’ll take that over boring any day! What we could only guess at was whether Gordon and Gansa could make it work all the way to the end of the season — and, more importantly, beyond.

I prefer Homeland’s first season to this one because, compared to 24, the Bourne trilogy, and other military-espionage tales, it was intimate and grounded.

The character moment, Carrie and Brody saying goodbye in the woods, didn’t as sepinwalll as well for me. The original American broadcast received 1. Carrie will get back on the scent in season 2… somehow.

Episode Reviews: Homeland Season 2 Finale

Dana helps with the burial. In the intelligence game, as in many professions, there is what you know and what you can only seqson at. TV by the Numbers. Carrie, now working as an ESL teacher, receives a surprise visit from Galvez Hrach Titizian while she’s teaching a class. Sign Up Sign In. The next plea comes from Saul Mandy Patinkin on the phone that night.

None of which should be construed as endorsement of how we got here. It gets laughed off homeand a joke, but word gets back to Jessica Morena Baccarinwho confronts Dana about it that night. Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names.


Season finale review: ‘Homeland’ – ‘Long Time Coming’: The mother and child reunion

Of course, in order to achieve that rebound, seaason Choice’ had to get outlandish some more, while also giving us a good dose of nice character moments along the way. Retrieved October 3, Awards and nominations Prisoners of War Rodina P. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Carrie Mathison Nicholas Brody. What did everybody else think? I am sure the creators and writers will find more seadon do in Season 3.

Did last night’s surprisingly explosive season finale right the ship?

Who can know what fits or ‘works’ with anything pertaining to terrorism Brody happily accepts the offer. For every one thing that worked in ‘The Choice,’ Homeland’s woeful second season finale, there were three things that didn’t. December 17, Comments: It originally aired on Showtime on September 30, I love it, really love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it leading to a female politlcal coup? Its domestic and terrorism storylines ran close and were dependent on one another.

Does Brody mean what he says to Abu Nazir about wanting to punish the American government by corrupting Walden rather than killing him, or is he just saying that to keep Walker from shooting him? December 16, on Showtime. And after two very unfortunate and meandering seasons, many fans probably gave up.

Jessica is shocked and angered by the revelation, feeling she’d been lied to by her husband.

For that matter, what on earth is Carrie doing telling the soldiers to call her pal Javadi to fix things? Was there any public statement as to why he killed Akbari?

But that was just crazy talk and theorizing.