My point is, if you are making an effort to have everything else be congruent with the context of the drama you have given the viewers, why don’t you do it when it comes to the cultural and language in this instance French aspects of that context? My weekends are pretty lean. I am saying all of this to say that it’s not that I think that ALL Korean actors and actresses do not manage to speak English fairly well or well or another foreign language that is not Korean or that they can’t be understood, because some do, obviously. That’s too much to hope, I guess, for such a short drama? The following day, Min-hyuk picks his father up from the airport and updates him on the latest news. Episode 6 by Helcat. One minute happy, next guttural, jolly over a picture of someone who is just doing dishes? Not to mention worked?

Se-kyung meets with Seung-jo that night, who has already put in a request to be relocated to the head office in Paris. The two of them have remembered what they said to each other on that night. But indeed, ho, suddenly we pity him. Robert to be an aristocrat, he didn’t sound like one I am saying this because I am assuming that they would keep things and characters within the context of the drama and the plot. When she goes back to the shop to look for it, she meets Cha Seung-jo, who insults her again. This always happens, just when I think I have finally found a brilliant drama at some point everything is ruined. I barely survived watching Ooh-la-la couple which was 18 episodes, but I decided to stop at the EP17 when I realized that the dummy was going to reconcile with her adulterous ex-husband, and therefore, return to her unappreciative, hypocritical, vile mother-in-law as well. Episode 8 When meeting up with Cha ll-nam again, Seo Yoon-jo advises him to stop the planned marriage.

As far as it being worth it, you have to decide. Meanwhile, In-hwa is already doing her own digging. I write the same way. The character just seems to be following the same predictable path that was set out for him at the beginning of the drama.


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Main female character should have been tempted and should’ve even gone to the dark side and been internally embattled. How can anyone so lowly be better than her? Anyway, it’s nice hearing from you, dear fellow linguist. Seo Yoon-joo replies that it is love. I wrote about him below as well.

She tells him the location of the restaurant and hopes to see him there. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: As a fellow linguist, I am curious: Thankful for such a thoughtful gift, Chairman Robert loudly shows his approval for Se-kyung, and notes that Seung-jo is very lucky to have someone like her.

At first, Han Se-jin does not want to, but after Han Se-kyung promise to buy her a new bag, she agrees to do it. By the looks of itshe probly had her eyes corrected cos it used to be worse.

Will Seung Jo be able to trust her again? I like it best when all characters are full characters with their own agendas and not just walk throughs to dress a set for the leads. Inhwa would have been more intriguing if she kept her cool and distanced her emotions with business all through the drama, but I don’t really think the writer did a with her character.

So, if a character is supposed to have lived let’s say for a year in a foreign country, I would hope it would not be too much to expect said character to at least speak the language in a way that we can at least understand.

Jellybeaniebaby January 15, at 1: Wow, what a way to rub salt into the wound.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis Drama Cheongdamdong Alice [Bahasa Indonesia]

I’m not really even caring much about Seung Jo anymore. Whoa — you have a set of emotional bunnies too? I for one will contentedly watch this until the end.

Just love this show.

They have a distinct accent that people like to make fun of, but cheobgdamdong is very Allce from France. A contract with an offer, acceptance and consideration secures a contract. Robertthey should make an effort to do it well or close to it, because I find it hard to buy who the characters are supposed to be and believe the sophistication they are supposed to have. They were the main chaebols in Royal Family.


He returns home, and Se-kyung sends him a photo of the sad bunny. She is an now an adult with two children, and you can’t tell she ever had that condition. I highly recommend the drama “tree with Deep Roots” if you want a summary of teh story in the context of a thriller – a very, very cool drama!

And how do you explain Mr.

I definitely was not impressed with Mr. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

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I looked up “buffalaxed” and ended up in stitches from seriously uncontrollable laughter! Cheongdam-dong Alice Promotional poster.

In-hwa finds the video and adds it to her Dropbox to view later. As In-hwa gets into her car outside the department store, she sees Seung-jo coming out with Se-kyung and swinging her around in happiness. Back to the party, Tommy Hong sees Han Se-kyung’s phone that she accidentally leaves at the party and picks it up. I tend to be passionate and engaged when I participate in the comments after the recaps and when I talk or write about languages: They are great contract to each other.

But he then quotes something Se-kyung said before: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Three power characters epiode are very different from each other instead of the usual trio of one leader who just order the sinopzis two sidekicks around.

Yeah, I think it’s just this drama. Her gaze prompts Seung-jo to look as well, and he wonders why Tommy is standing there.