It’s about determination and what kind of life and success you decide to be. Sodegahama depends on the ama , the women who dive for sea urchins and shellfish, as a tourist attraction. Scene from Dragon Zakura Pm: Lu pada butuh banget nonton neh dorama.. This page was last edited on 10 November , at But on the train back, Aki finds a letter from her mother revealing that Aramaki had used Haruko when she had tried to become an idol, making her secretly serve as Harumi Suzuka’s singing voice—because Suzuka could not sing—and effectively blocking her career.

Aki is again fired and Haruko decides to start her own talent agency, “3J”. Haruko’s mother Natsu is fine. Around that time Aki and Yui learn that Haruko had left Sodegahama originally to become an idol and had failed. Suzuka is to appear in the remake, but it is on her insistence that the lead is to be decided by audition, enabling Aki to apply. She also encounters Hiromi Suzuka, her favorite actress, who happens to know Aramaki. Retrieved from ” https: Here’s the solution ; success in a game. Views Read Edit View history.

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Sakuragi Kenji the lawyer came to visit the school with information that the school already Sakura ga no hope for salvation. Namun dalam hidup, aturan nya berbeda. Isnopsis also encounters Hiromi Suzuka, her favorite actress, who happens to know Aramaki.

First, the school is not a favorite school students who could pass into prestigious universities such as Todai Tokyo Universitytwo disciples are those who accepted zaukra in school is considered a favorite with students in other words But only days after the film is released and the day before Episofe was going to rejoin GMT in a concert, the Great East Japan earthquake takes place.


For exam question has only one correct answer.

And all these rules are written by intelligent people. This spurs the town to finally clean up the Ama Cafe and Haruko to give Suzuka voice training lessons. Akhirnya Kepala Sekolah memutuskan untuk menyewa seorang pengacara handal Dikeadaan lain, ada seorang pengacara yang sedang jatuh miskin fragon tidak punya uang, pengacara itu bernama Kenji Sakuragi, dan secara kebetulan disewa oleh Kepala Sekolah untuk membantu menyelesaikan malasah sekolah itu, Kenji Sakuragi, berhasil menemukan ide yang bisa dianggap gila dan tak mungkin, yaitu membuat 5 Lima orang murid nya bisa masuk ke Toudai Eplsode Universitysebuah universitas negeri di Jepang yang nomer satu, sinopxis Kenji Sakuragi menciptakan keajaiban?

Yamashita Tomohisa Nick Name: Haruko Amano left the small northern seaside town of Sodegahama 24 years ago and has not returned since.

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Ketemu anak pinter alhamdulillah ga ngerepotin belajarnya, nah kalo ketemu anak ga pinter? Until finally there’s hope for survivors of unemployed city council had sent a lawyer 1-111 will decide whether the school can still be assisted to maintained. Synopsis Kang Suk Ho is an ordinary lawyer epiisode decides to take up a job at the nearby high school.

A failure as a lawyer, he takes a position as a high school teacher and takes on the challenge of preparing a special advanced class for entrance to the prestigious Toudai University. Dalam hidup, jawaban nya begitu banyak. When her childhood friend Daikichi emails her with news that her mother has collapsed, she rushes back with her year-old daughter Aki in tow.

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Hiroshi has a secret liking for Aki, and his videos of her, especially after she catches her first sea urchin, make her as big a sensation as Yui. Kira-kira pada mau ga yah masuk kelas khusus Todai? Mizuguchi also finds Taneichi in Aki’s apartment and urges the couple to cool down. If you think it’s studying, it’ll be difficult. I guess u need to use that methods to handle those delinquent students XD.


Visitor Free Insurance Quotes. Kudu banyak sabar buat ngulang2 pelajaran. Hanya saja, jangan pernah hidup sebagai pengecut yg tak mau melakukan apapun.

But for the life, it is different.

Luckily, no one in Sodegahama is injured, but Yui suffers a shock from the tsunami damage. Episode 6 Dragon Zakura: And these kids were funny. So, all your life, you’ll be cheated and you’ll pay for a lot Post a Comment By accessing www. If any party who objected to the content on this blog, please contact us at tezuno gmail.

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He says yes, and in front of only her and Mizuguchi, declares he will not let her succeed as an idol in his agency. Do not sell movies that were downloaded for personal interests or things that violate the law 3.

Haruko slaps her when she finds out she broke her promise, but Aki then declares she wants to become an idol, too. That’s how the society works. Suzuka, however, miraculously sings beautifully at the Ama Cafe.