Then a ring box is presented to her by a steward who says he thinks she dropped it while boarding…. Dia selalu komplain pada suaminya yaitu Tae Kyung diperankan Shim Hyung Tak yang selalu sibuk sehingga tidak pernah meluangkan waktunya pada keluarga. Right Sidebar Fashion Home Shop. So bad that it broke the suspension of disbelief every time it was inserted. The last portion of the TW version was delightful and made me forgive the slow progression in the middle of the series. Shalini August 19, at 5:

I’ve seen both of our lead actors do a good job with a range of material– I can’t imagine that all of the awkwardness of the characters was due entirely to their choices. Episode 20 Part 1. Dee August 18, at In their place, writers introduced new conflict also resolved in one ep, or new conflict that has 0 impact on the show. I would have much preferred if, like LDR, he had given relationships a try, if only to find out that that person wasn’t right for him in part because of his heart being with someone else. But in KDramas it’s always the women who were portrayed as “immature” or “self-centered” or “shallow” who take one look at their baby and say “why is it so ugly?

Thanks a million for your continuous recap to the bitter end, Heads! I stop to read the recap after episode 5. Z and Jon G. Till Ha Ji Won’s next Daebak drama!

She’s not here to cater to people’s preferences. Though we’re given hints that he’s an ass, it’s not obvious until later. I was glad that Won put his foot down with her and didn’t really consider her a potential romantic partner.

All newborns are pretty ugly but the parents can’t see it. Lovethat she injects flavors to her character and make it multidimensional.


Ji Hoon tetap marah dan merasa tersinggung akibat ulah Tomoko. Download the latest version here.

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In an effort to make his familiar house look a little different for her, Won decks out the place with heart balloons and other decorations. Mi-hyang has a healthy baby girl with the support of Teacher Park, and while she says the baby is ugly at first, she eventually takes to it.

You have not pointed us to a single specific scene and explained in what manner HJW is effectively demonstrating her skills.

I wasn’t expecting a complete copy and paste character but having an annoying character just gets on people’s nerves. Related Items Hwang Jin Yi.

He still clings to that little shred of hope. It seemed like someone was stuck on the idea of a cutesy stuck in time vibe, and I suspect it was not the actors. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Hana sends him flowers and a note wishing him the best for his performance, and Seo-hoo vows to do better than his best just for her. If you want a high school paper description, please start your own blog. I thought I could still watch this drama even with sucky storyline.

Hwang jin yi movie download – Google Docs

What a load of boring garbage the writing was! To come to someone’s site just to bash them for doing something that drew you to them is asinine at best. I really didn’t need Hana and Seo-hoo to make peace with each other sinopsus only shows that she learnt nothing because she should just keep the guy out of her life and “he’s changed”?


Can you please give me recommendation for any K-Romantic Comedy? Then he wants her to say the magic words he wants to hear, which are: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

She was a career woman but there was a scene where she was pouting and whining when her boss yelled at her and I just couldn’t bear to see it.

A Thousand Kisses 1-50

I had been looking forward to this drama when it was first announced but the final product was just Oh my God, the problem with fangirls.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. Great cast, great premise, great styling, great cinematography, great groundwork in the first 4 eps, immense potential. And there wasn’t much of an attempt by the actress to sell the romance. All that said, there’s 2 things I liked more about the Korean version than the TW version: This site gave me absolute truth before. Best line of all the terakhiir. That was just part of the story.

Terakhig you watched Empress Ki or Hwang Jini? Oh come on, he did not take eight months off his European tour to do a domestic concert when all that fuss was made over canceling every domestic concert he had.