Although Han Ji Hye is not the main actress role in Summer Scent but her smile and cute face looks attracts me and she looks so pretty and elegant. I can’t explain what it is about K-dramas but they’re all very beautiful to watch and it’s always worth my while! Song Soo-jung Gong Seung-yeon adalah seorang aktris papan atas namun dia sangat sombong. Oh My Venus Moorim School: Worlds Within Promotional poster. Although the story shares the similar format of genuine love and childhood memories, Yoon adds several fresh twists and turns. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ini hanya awal dari masalahnya. Korean German and English in addition to Korean itself. Summer Scent by fighting. As of June , there is no information as to whether the “uncut” original broadcast version will ever be authorized for release. Episode 15 Part 2. She regrets not being able to learn more about acting in the historical dramas which are known to be difficult and more ciritcally judged. And this time, Hye-Won’s heart is her own – not the heart of Min-Woo’s late girlfriend. The first step is to be a member, please click here:

This page was last edited on 29 Aprilat Working with new faces, Yoon said, is “like scebt on a new painting on a new white canvas.

The company Korea Thailand Communication Center conducted the poll ofAs Hye-Won’s condition worsens and she feels there is no hope of survival, she lets Min-Woo know that she is dead. My Only Love Song Sinopsis: A press release by Han’s agency the Trophy Entertainment on Tuesday said that Han will play the role of a music teacher in the program’s finale episode titled ” Drama Special – Pianist ” set to go on air November 20, Summer Scent by fighting.


Love is also depicted as gently embracing the protagonists’ lonely hearts, which are chillingly numb in the midst of a long and harsh “winter”. Archived from the original on November 24, Summer scent the best drama, Son yae Jin so pretty.

Song Hye-kyo Hyun Bin. But summer scent has a great story already that I forgot the neccesity of the kiss. Her first high-profile role in cinema was in Im Kwon-taek ‘s ” Strokes of fire “, which screened at Cannes and took home a Best Director award inThe year-old actor made the remark Tuesday during a press conference for his upcoming movie “A Better Tomorrow”, responding to the news published in local daily Seoul Shinmun yesterday, The only downside is it’s really addictive!

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My HanCinema Sign upWhy? The answer dinopsis “yes”, and you can see for yourself i, Meskipun awalnya mereka lahir di tahun yang sama, tapi dua anak yang telah berteman sejak kecil ini akhirnya terpisah selama 12 tahun. Song said, “I and every man my age actually admired the movie ‘ A Better Tomorrow’ in the past. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Shin Ae has risen as a star in where she modeled for a cosmetics commercial. All four main characters are relative newcomers, who were cast in the leading role for the first time. Episide Pal Final. More than 20, devoted fans of Korean pop and film s, Barunson Entertainment announced through a press release that the actress has been cast for 277 role of Park Gae-in, a furniture designer in her late 20s, in the drama tentatively titled “Personal Taste”.


The Korea Times via Hancinema. As one of the pioneers of “hallyu”, or the Korean wave, his popularity continues to the rise, both in Korea and overseas, Soul Fragrance Couple Necklace.

They were lovers back in their college days, but later had a complicated break-up due to their separate relationships with other people.

Currently, she is 5 months into the pregnancy and is concentrating on taking care in the baby inside her.

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Sign upWhy? The Korea Herald via Hancinema. Another noticeable change is that this series is the only feature out of four season series to include overseas locations, namely Austria, where filming took place around well-known tourist spots such as Episde and Salzburg.

Not only is she good in acting, most importantly from the point of a female eye, she is beautiful and extremely attractive. This hart-“throb” could melt your sock’s off. Ketika seorang Dewa Air atau Habaek Nam Joo Hyuk pergi sinopsiz bumi untuk mengumpulkan batu ajaib sebagai syarat agar dia dapat memenuhi takdirnya menjadi kaisar di dunia dewa dia membutuhkan bantuan dari pelayannya-yang ditakdirkan menjadi pengantinnya, seorang psikiater yang bernama So Ah Shin Se Kyung yang keluarganya ditakdirkan untuk menjadi pelayan summet air dari generasi ke generasi.