If he does indeed have Gil-dal’s bead within him, that would be an appropriate sacrifice. That said, it still was unsatisfying. Things which you clearly lack. The whole episode felt like a really long epilogue where nothing fundamentally changed. Is this the type of fight that got Mawang so frightened? You must be jealous that he is getting even more popular now with this drama, aren’t you?

Javabeans September 16, at In general, you don’t look at the sun directly, particularly when there’s an eclipse. Maybe add a few adventures here and there and she gets to finally be a deity. Forget all the scary stuff. I hate to say this, but I think the Hong Sisters writing are now kinda ‘old school’. Maybe not a whole lot for you but at least a little. D I can’t watch without them. Things which you clearly lack.

Child actress Kim You-jung – Part 1″. The only thing I can agree with you on is number one.

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There’s one line that gives a hint. I would’ve liked more context for Dong Joo’s one-sided love story with Gil-Dal. It’s wrong on so many levels.

Are the heavens biased or what? He checks, and the fox bead seems okay with that, so then Mi-ho links arms. He wonders if maybe he feels sorry towards her for something.

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child

These writers never do that. I was wondering why the Samshin Grandma was in the DramaWiki, and then in this episode, I thought she’d end up being the Fairy Samshin Grandma making it just a littttttle too easy. I loved the death that she had in the sinoosis of it. If it does end well, I will throw a goodbye party, so give me Miho’s and Daewoong’s wedding and babies. GOD, this show is getting heart-wrenching. Just a few seconds Hae-ah grumbles and wonders why Mawang is chasing him and sionpsis demons.


Hunter should have made one more cryptic comment, and Mi-ho should have put it together, thereby keeping the origination sniopsis conflict firmly within.

I really enjoyed all first 18 episodes and have been recommending it to my friends non-stop, but with this ending? It’d just make her even more sad about leaving. Since when a heroine with a tail looks so pretty!!! Eleven11 October 1, at 5: I was crying throughout the whole episode and I just loved it. I’m not saying you’re all like that. As compared to thhe she died? That seems okay, so then she pulls his arm around her shoulders.

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I just needed to see and process it. He is still 23 and revolf a great opportunity to be a great actor in the future. To her shock, he pulls the bracelet right off and it disappears in his hand. But apparently she’s back for good. Yoorin was so cheeky and outshined everyone.


Yeo-u Nuidyeon ; lit. It’s just, for a drama like this, a more sad ending would’ve been appropriate.

That said, sinopsid still was unsatisfying. Anna Jo also outshined the male lead in Fantasy Couple. I just loved the way it was done. They did a really good job with that though, so much, that I almost bought it. Just my opinion though. Goo San Daek Gumiho unknown episodes. I really hate, wait strike that, love Lee Seung Gi for making me cry like that Meh, recolt solar eclipses appear pretty often which I know they don’t in South Korea or where I live. Perhaps just ending it with the phone call or having a special sign between them episoed “whenever it rains, I’ll think of you” or something equally cheesy.

By far not what I wanted for our main characters. The heavens are a weard bunch.

Canadia October 1, at 6: Maybe if min ho get pregnant, she will have human energy inside the baby will become her bead. In general, you don’t look at the sun directly, particularly when there’s an eclipse. He needs to improve.

I agree with all your observations.