Too bad Seulgi doesn’t have a longer drama where she is lead because I’d go watch that too right now. Also just wanted to say that I was worried before I even started watching how they will get the Happy Ever After. Dan-bi complains when Mom switches the channel to a sageuk, and when Mom nags her about not having a dream in life, Dan-bi storms out of the house and blows off steam at a noraebang with her friend SO-HEON Jin Ki-joo. Oh, it’s also on iTunes. Her father opposes it, but the queen has already begun preparations: Will definitely watch out for the two leads’ future reunion project in dramaland. Dan-bi nearly gets her head cut off for daring to hit the king on the forehead as punishment for losing, but Lee Do is good-humored enough to keep playing and not sentence her to death. She finds him outside tending to his own wounds and helps him, much of their previous bitterness now gone.

The sweet rain falling on Joseon [8]. Exactly, Sejong’s no dummy and they’ve had enough physical contact by then that it should be obvious she’s a girl. Like how incredibly fast hangul can be learned, i guess. She finds him outside tending to his own wounds and helps him, much of their previous bitterness now gone. Very much like our own best friends and family who laugh at each others’ jokes and play together. Thank you SO much for the great recap DB – like a Christmas present for all of us here that read, comment, and sometimes just lurk. King Sejong got up at 4am and went to bed at midnight, but looks like he even worked hard at night. You crack me up!

However, fearing for their own privileges, Danbi becomes the target of traditionalist courtiers who seek her death.

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The romance development was much better fleshed out in LE2. Thank you so much draa the recap, gf! Aigoooo December 25, at I was expecting to giggle and squee a little, but not to have my heart wrung so completely, because that final scene where Lee Do was holding Dan-bi out of the sea and then let her go, dub made my heart ache a little.


We all knew she could be hilarious, now she proved she can be sweet and heartbreaking as well. I’m willing to sacrifice my inevitable pound weight gain for that. This is my first time see Doo joon in acting.

Splash Splash Love Promotional poster. Don’t cry Gosam [14].


This little drama has been so cute. Keh, because her last name is Jang, haha. Can anyone tell me what song is playing when Dan-Bi comes back home to her mother? Only you can decide your future. I think that’s because sometimes I don’t get the reference. In a panic she zplish and runs away, and ends up sitting alone in a playground as the rain keeps pouring down on her. Good luck, Danbi [17]. I was all squee when they went for the Indian food in LE A bit off topic: She makes me want to be motherly and protective of her koream now.

But hey, if making shorter dramas is the way we get more Splish Splash Love s in dramaland, I can get onboard with that. It was then broadcast by MBC on December 13 and 20, in two minute episodes. Episode 6 by Helcat.

I think that is Kim Seul Gi’s greatest asset. It is heavily implied that he is the reincarnation of Lee, who has now finally found his love again just as he swore he would all those years ago.

draama You know, better than many idol-actor. Oh, it’s also on iTunes. When she comes to a fork in the road, she even thinks to take out her phone and use the compass to direct her. The oppa Gangnam style was pretty hilarious too.

I don’t care about doppelgangers in this case, I think it ended the right way. Yes, it’s all subbed on Viki!

There is no answer. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. He said It could be dangerous. And count me in as another one who loved the doppelganger setup being built into the SSL world right from its first moments.


The more I think on it, I think the answer is: Outside on the street, Danbi notices a water pool and seriously considers stepping into it, returning to Lee, when she is suddenly approached by a man who silently holds up an umbrella over her head. The king saves an extra one to give to Dan-bi and proudly offers it to kirean, then is appalled when she gobbles it up without even offering him any.

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Their chemistry and banter — so cute and awesome! Uh-oh, this is going to a concubine place. Rie December 28, at 3: I also feel that the one thing I’d want of this show is more time You should count this to Beanie awards next year, GF! Gosam embracing the Sun [13]. I LOVE this mini drama!

Also just wanted to say that I sp,ish worried before I even started watching how they will get the Happy Ever After.

How could they be that free? This mini drama was adorable,hilarius and the chemistry between the leads was amazing This song matched that scene so well! Lee Do steals Dan-bi away for more multiplication song and games, though now when he wins he gives her a kiss on the forehead instead of a hit.

Then I realized that the drama was sponsored by Ministry of science. It’s just so much fun to say. It went a bit helter skelter in the middle but to me its memorable enough.

He carefully raises a hand to his heart and feels it thumping, just jorean Dan-bi said it would if he liked someone.