Suvreen is very happy to see her and promises to take her around in Delhi. The third scene takes place after Riddhima gets married to Sid for the second time. So without further adieu here is a quick wrap up video of the week All through the week he acts odd when he is around ‘Topper’ to the point where even Suvreen starts noticing his weird behavior. Baby on the other hand is just as excited to see Suvreen and Delhi. She is the quintessential topper – good at everything that she does. Mahadev – Mahashivratri Mahaepisod What a pervy jerk.

Now let’s get back to D: So lately, I happened to watch Suvreen Guggal and I just fell in love with it! So here is the recap of the week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya – 28th February He feels like if he had a position that would make him in charge of the team, then he would be becoming just like his father. This character is capable of anything. This did help me understand why he always wanted both groups – Dazzlers and Weaklings to win every competition they entered in.

Moving on with the suvreen of todays episode. He will cheat, fight, insult, steal and most importantly rape or torture to get his way. How could I stay away from all the super-romantic moments of Armaan and Riddhima for too long? Hum Ne Li Hai And boy, she does not disappoint! The Welham boys also pull a dirty prank on the St. Fortunately, SwaRon aka Swayam and Sharon’s love story is on track. This scene highlights their heart-breaking love story perfectly.

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Shapath – 16th February Is it that hard? Just as I suspected, she just cannot believe that Rey would ever develop any sort f feelings for her. But alas like every Vamp, Komolika keeps reappearing throughout the series.


He decides that he needs to be ‘hi-fi’ to impress Suvreen and hence enlists the help of Alisha. They understand each other better than any one else.

He is more concerned about Taani misunderstanding him and his intentions. She couldn’t let a baby get in her way. 27yh is also upset that because of personal reasons he cannot help the boys with their basketball practice.

Then Taani starts talking. Here’s wishing her the best of luck. Moving on with the update of today’s episode. The boys finally get their revenge on the Welham boys for their dirty pranks. As I predicted, Sharon is finally going to be making an appearance sometime soon.

Yuvraj, Suvreen Team Up

It would be fun recapping the week for Suvreen Guggal. As the title suggests, she is the vamp of the show.

The boys as usual are their goofy selves and they totally make up for the lack of Rey! I for one love Suvreen.

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Ep V The Serial – 18th February We finally get to witness a romantic moment between Rey and Taani. Taani on the other hand, thinks back to when Rey yelled at her when she confessed her feelings to him.

Laxman Ki Duniya – Episode – 25th Februa The scene above highlights their complicated relationship. He apologizes to the boys and agrees to become their coach and captain. After watching the Welham boys giggal their thing, the boys realize that they have a rough ride ahead of them.


Just them Swayam informs them that Welham may be considering their impending match as a professional game rather than a ‘friendly’ match. Ep Channel V. I liked how they went from hating the sight of each other to waiting to catch a sight novembwr each other. I have a feeling this Yuvraj-Suvreen-RC love triangle is going to turn into a love square or parallelogram with the addition of Jasleen! Rey is able to snap Swayam out of his thoughts and encourage him.

Pratigya – 1st October The group decide to take up epiosde and women’s safety as their social issue. So the Welham’s team finally arrives at St. Kaali Ek Punar Avataar – 27th February So sugreen is the recap of the week She is a strong an independent girl who knows what she wants and has no qualms about working hard to achieve her dreams.

She even kidnaps their son nvember raises him as her own. V Best Friends Forever – 28th February Who wouldn’t be after this happened?

Now that the romance is over, time for confusion and misunderstandings to step in – that’s the theme of today’s episode. Manu and Lathi are glad that Yuvraj has finally decided to act on his feelings.