SexualPizza SexualPizza 5 years ago 6 justchill posted Chogath has a ton of sustain from killing creeps, so this ends up being a bit of a tough matchup for Teemo to win. Anivia has very low mobility and is very gankable. Be aggressive and do not let Tryndamere autoattack creeps. Want to add to the discussion? The damage is high even the base , so if you get forced into a stand-up fight should be never , it helps kill people.

It will then target minions and push the lane. Overall good advices, the only thing I don’t understand is why you never start with a ward, to me it seems like suicide, I’d really like to start with doran ring but it’s pretty much impossible, you will die to ganks. Prioritize your W skill over Q for move speed. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Still, you can grab Abyssal if you want. If an enemy comes within 60 range of the trap, it will detonate, slowing and dealing damage over 4 seconds to nearby enemies within radius. Any melee autoattackers more or less just cry against you, most other melees fear seeing you as well.

Always drop at least one shroom in a fight.

Flat tankmi my preferred option, but scaling are fine too. Early Lane Strategy Teemo v Gnar: Wits end for mr, thornmail for armor, tankboots, frozen mallet is core, trinity if you want more dmg, other tank items to fill it up.

Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest 4 days. Build MR and sustain, farm under tower, and ask for jungle sfason. These guides are intended for players in Gold and Platinum or below.


SK Telecom T1 vs Gen. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This should be a fairly easy, straight forward 66 for teemo. What do you guys build if you want to go Tankmo? Teemo should play passive early and farm until lvl 6 at least. Optic Gaming vs Liquid 4 days.

Take red trinket to watch her when you all in and she uses her invisibility shroud. The mana return on kill means you can basically always use Q and W and lets you plant Shrooms with impunity. Help keep this website running! The Next 4 Generals [Patch 9. Remember to keep in mind he will probably have barrels ready to set off hidden in bushes.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Avoid feeding Yasuo at all costs and remember that he has the abilities to outplay you no matter what you do. Try to bait out her parry so you can blind her afterward.

Abyssal Scepter is a decent option as well, but it does not affect your shrooms, and once people leave the range your poisons will not benefit from it anymore. Support This Site Help keep this website running! fankmo

What do you guys build if you want to go Tankmo? : TeemoTalk

Teemo should be able to 1v1 him reliably mid seasn after getting Frozen Mallet. Vlad can outheal and outpoke Teemo pretty easily so concentrate on last hitting instead of trying to fight Vlad.

If the enemy over-extends you can punish it and chase them forever. If I can afford to go high amounts of damage fast, DeathcapVoid Staffand Hourglass are acceptable options.


In mid lane for instance, Q max is likely to be more substantial, as it’s far better in short trades against ranged champions with burst, or champions like Zed whom can close distances in a threatening manner.

Remember that the more attack speed you have not damage here, but speedthe more frequently the frozen mallet passive triggers. Trinity Force and Frozen Mallet come to mind.

Mid-late game if you get a bit tanky and he hits some shrooms you might be able to fight him, but generally avoid sesaon up 1v1 fights. Not the best item, but a possibility. Early lane an aggressive Jarvan could chunk Teemo down with just one full combo, or kill him if Jarvan takes ignite.

A strategy guide in perfecting “The Tankmo”

Saying that only his mushrooms make him useful combined with a lack of oracles only tells me that you’re indeed just riding the hatewagon. A decent starting item against certain champs. Just farm and play passive near your tower. This is fact and cannot be disputed. This will make him push lane, then have your jungler come and gank him.