I also became very good friends with them, our families have actually travelled together. As events in Egypt took unexpected turns in a matter of a few days when Morsi was overthrown , and changes continued to happen over several months thereafter, especially with regards to a wariness about foreigners, did the attitude of the tentmakers change towards you throughout the three years? He’s expected to land in Cairo in three months for the El Sobki-produced film. A postcolonial story of re-identification. As you move through the film, you can see how he is initially very engaged in trying to thread needles, an interest that sort of wanes over time, to the point where you see him losing focus and interest. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The King of Sting: He had slowly discovered there was so much to tell about this microcosm where a handful of artists struggled to keep an ancient craft alive. Egyptian folkloric subjects such as Goha , Nubian musicians, and the whirling dervishes are popular touristic souvenirs , as are stylised depictions of fish and birds. This link will direct you to a Google Map detailing the location of the Street of the Tentmakers, relative to the popular tourist landmarks of the Khan el-Khalili. The Winter of Oscar Wins? Use the HTML below. Islamic Arts and Architecture.

This back is intended to be protective and durable against a hot, dry, and dusty climate.

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I prefer to let go, dilm that kind of longevity allows them to act naturally in front of the camera. Valentina Primo finds out more about his experience and the dying art of tent-making I would often be filming and someone would come and tap me in the shoulder. You can watch the trailer for the film below.

All photos used courtesy of George Kurian and Ciaro Underhill. Everything you need to know about the 31 Mosalsals coming to your screen this year.

The film follows master weaver and Haida elder Delores Churchill on a journey to understand the origins of a spruce root hat found tent,akers Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi, the Long Ago Person Found, a year-old traveler discovered in Northern Canada…. Red Bull fklm up with renowned director, Ahmad Abdalla, to create ‘Handstand’ – a [ Filmed over three years, ‘The Tentmakers of Cairo’ tells the story of Egypt’s struggle with democracy through the lives of a small community of artists striving to maintain their ancient art form.


I was even pulled out from an undercover secret police. And I spent the next three years there. Rather than turning inwards, grief compels them to open their eyes – and hearts tentjakers to the world.

Popular design motifs include geometric and curvilinear arabesque patterns derived from Islamic ornaments, and scenes inspired by Pharaonic art, especially papyrus and lotus motifs. What about them made the biggest impact on you? Documenting a Dying Craft. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Ledo, a Cape Verdean community leader. Is everything in your luggage worth 30K though?

A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week. I was coming here after the revolution, and like most filmmakers, was more focused on the bigger politics. They kind of looked over me. There is also a fair amount of conflict that goes on in the story, as they are all practically related.

Great documentary on Egypt after Mobarak and the art of Cairo’s tentmakers. Why are we always complaining about how expensive everything is getting then? Small pieces of fabric are cut to size as they are required using large scissors.

The Tentmaker’s Street is not known for the hard-sell hassles associated with touristic shopping in the Khan el-Khalili.

Please enable Javascript to use Kanopy! Was there any character that particularly touched you? The Tentmakers of Cairo: Search for ” The Tentmakers of Cairo ” on Amazon.

There is Akramy, who works in a family shop called El Farouq, who is trying to teach the trade to his year-old son. Why did you choose to film it over such a long period of time? Knowledgeable in topics as diverse as medicinal herbs and ceremonial protocol, Bruce is a Renaissance…. Tentmaers feature length documentary with unprecedented access to a small Egyptian community located in the heart of Old Islamic Cairo.


For better or worse, they have flowed with the events. They were originally made to be placed outside in dry heat and dust, and were regarded as replaceable – hence not highly valued for collection or preservation.

He had slowly discovered there was so much to tell about this microcosm where a handful of artists struggled to keep an ancient craft alive.

The Tentmakers of Cairo: Documenting a Dying Craft

They are average people; they are not out in the streets, but the effects the revolution had on them were huge. Large projects can subsequently take several months to complete. Please enter your pin. In less than a year, he grew over 50, users for his young ride-sharing startup. Lemons, oranges and tangerines—Oh my! Egypt’s 10 Most Surreal Viral Videos of Egyptian folkloric subjects such as GohaNubian musicians, and the whirling dervishes are popular touristic souvenirsas are stylised depictions of fish and birds.

This a re-discovered and restored documentary shot in in Cape Verde at the time of independence by pioneering video artist Anthony D.

The Tentmakers of Cairo

But then I met them on the second day I was here, and to me, they show the real Egypt in a more authentic way than the one being portrayed in the press. They have a complete disdain for them, which reflects the general narrative. All of a sudden, everybody came out, surrounded me and him, and started talking.