More Laughs Than South Park”. List of The Big Lez Show episodes. It is shown, however, that deep down Lez cares about him. A failed experiment backfired on him, causing severe mutations to occur all over his body, transforming him into a small, shrivelled potato-headed figure. Season 3 saw a improved production, with the show’s creators investing in better equipment to animate episodes with. In the last episode of the fourth season, the Choomahs have evolved to be able to speak and fly. Quinton is Lez’s son, who was abandoned on his doorstep as an orphan.

Denouement is in production. YouTube Comedy Central Australia. Donny often hangs around with Sassy and their housemates, where they regularly partake in recreational drug use. Like the rest of them, Mike is an avid fan of recreational drug use. Looking to capitalise on the great success of The Big Lez Show, Comedy Central Australia contacted the show’s creators and asked them to create a spin-off of the series. The main style of comedy used in the show is crude comedy , which the show’s creators describe as “Aussie humour”.

The documentary was uploaded to YouTube on 20 Augustand as of February has over 96, views. As a father, Lez is often very neglectful and uncaring of his adopted son Quinton, who he often ignores or is abusive towards.

Big Lez is a humanoid alien living in Brown Town, Australia, where he was banished to from his home planet, Kingdom Cum. The show is animated using stop motion animationwhere individual frames are drawn in Microsoft Paint.

The frames are crudely drawn, freehand and have become a recognisable staple of the show. While all of Sassy’s friends are hardcore drug users as well, Sassy acts as the ringleader of their friend group and is usually the one persuading others to take drugs with him. As an alien from Kingdom Cum, Lez has many superhuman capabilitiessuch as super strength and endurance. Jarrad Wright described the show’s comedic influences as follows:.

The Big Lez Show: Choomah Island

YouTube Comedy Central Australia. Quinton is Lez’s son, who was abandoned on his doorstep as an orphan. Between season 3 and 4, the show’s creators took time off to rest and to create the show’s spin-off, The Mike Nolan Show. The show follows Mike in some of his various jobs, as well as showing him socialising with many never-before-seen characters.


The show originally premiered on YouTube on 16 July and concluded on 26 January The show’s music is also written and performed by Wright, performed on acoustic guitar and recorded using Audacity.

Retrieved from ” https: Choomahs often appear in the show in the backgrounds of scenes unbeknownst to other characters but will also sometimes attack characters. Their aesthetic originated as butchered drawings of Homer Simpson. The special premiered in select theatres in New Zealand and Australia from January and it premiered on YouTube on 26 January Views Read Edit View history. Donny, also known as “Donny the Dealer” is Sassy’s housemate shos lifelong friend, and is also a Sasquatch.

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Lez is portrayed as an ill-tempered and hostile character who is often violent towards those he dislikes. The main style of comedy used in the show is crude comedywhich the show’s creators describe as “Aussie humour”.

The show’s protagonist is Big Lez, a humanoid alien living in the fictional town of Brown Town, QueenslandAustralia. You see it when you go hte, it’s relatable because you see so much of it. sseason

He commonly wears a yellow rain coat. He is an antagonist in throughout the first three seasons. The Big Lez Show is primarily a comedy show. Lez is a fan of recreational drug use and will often join Sassy and his friends in smoking marijuana or taking psychedelic drugs.

Most episodes were very short, about 1—2 minutes in length with the season’s finale lasting 13 minutes. The show is also notable for its psychedelic influences, which are visible throughout many episodes. Appearance-wise, the Choomahs are bright yellow, almost- humanoid creatures. Episodes saw a slight increase in production value, with animations slightly improving in quality and episodes lengthening to around 3—10 minutes. Initially uploaded on YouTubethe show quickly gained great popularity and developed a cult following.


Lezlie “Lez” Mackerel, often nicknamed “Big Lez” is the show’s title character and protagonist. Season 1 had 10 regular episodes and cumulated with the show’s first special, Choomah Island. In addition to the show’s psychedelic themes, the show has several surrealist themes, such as its frequent use of breaking the fourth wall.

Season 4 of The Big Lez Show premiered on 10 March and again saw a big step up in production value, with animations again improving greatly in quality and episodes lengthening in duration. Lez only adopted Quinton upon realising the money he could make from child support payments. The show enjoyed vast popularity in its later years, with viewership soaring during season 3’s release. The documentary also featured new specifically made animations, depicting some Choomahs playing in a metal band.

Sewson show has gained a following on YouTubewith its channel having oversubscribers and 82 million views as of February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael “Mike” Nolan, often nicknamed “Nolesy” is a local resident of Brown Town and self described “jack of all trades”. Donny often hangs around with Sassy and their housemates, where they regularly partake in recreational drug use. In addition the show’s tge on YouTube, The Big Lez Show has enjoyed great critical reception from many alternative media outlets and online reviewers.

Mike works in various places around Brown Town and is friends with Lez and Sassy’s gang. He is known for his catchphrases “Wadiyatalkinabeet? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Norton acts as Quinton’s uncle and sometimes takes care of Quinton in times where Lez is being abusive to him.