Alexia and Peter try to work out their problems. Lea and Adriana’s argument reaches its peak. Adriana starts to see a brighter side of Lea. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lisa’s plans to invite the ladies to her home for a get together fall through after surprising information is revealed. Listen to your gut Marriage and relationship advice should be transparent and make intuitive sense. But the secret is that relationships require work, which is ultimately why many men and women in relationships seek effective advice — or, in some cases, breakup advice.

Zago” served as the season finale, and was aired on November 4, The key is being able to recognize whether that wisdom applies to your union. And no matter the type of relationship, whether long distance, satisfying, co-dependent or abusive, some sound relationship advice is helpful. Timmy and Cindy have been dating through their whole sophomore year of high school and they’re head over heels in love-Timmy is convinced he’s discovered the “secret” of true love and is ready to share his relationship wisdom with the world. With only a few months before her wedding, Eva’s mom comes to Atlanta for support and winds up pushing some budgetary buttons. Thousands of “how to” articles are just a click away “How to keep your man happy, even when he doesn’t give a damn”; “How to recharge your libido and make love for a week straight”; “How to find your soulmate without even looking”. Is the advice based solely on the person’s personal experience? It consisted of sixteen episodes.

List of The Real Housewives of Miami episodes.

Just be sure that the information is trustworthy, as there is a lot of bad relationship advice out there. And how do you make sense of contradictory advice? As Gregg goes into surgery, Nene tries to not let their marriage woes stop her from being a supportive wife, and Cynthia and Marlo are there for Mrs. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

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Kandi doesn’t know who to trust after the Feds come to her home looking for Apollo’s assets. Both Cynthia and Porsha have fallen hard for their new men; Eva has a new ring and a new baby; Kandi’s accomplishments continue to grow, but seaxon daughter reveals that their family life has taken a back seat; NeNe prepares to fight alongside Gregg as he begins his battle with cancer; and Porsha rallies all the ladies for a surprise trip to Miami to show the Leakes their support.


33 It aired from August 12, until November 14, and was primarily filmed in MiamiFlorida. It’s possible to get love tips on getting back together with an ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife, etc.

Someone who’s been in a stable, healthy relationship for the past thirty years might have some very good advice to share with the rest of us. There is wisdom that can be found when you type “relationship advice” into a search engine. While in Tokyo to celebrate her bachelorette party, Eva receives devastating news that threatens to derail the entire trip.

Plus, more heated moments from Kenya and Kim’s epic showdown are unveiled.

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For instance, a piece of advice suggesting that you and your partner take a “time out” when an argument becomes too heated is sensible and easy to understand-after reading this advice, your reaction might be something like: Here are a few suggestions to help guide you. Joanna and Romain start couples therapy but Romain doesn’t show up.

For example, John Smith writes epixode relationships and says he has a Masters Degree, but it turns out his degree is in economics. The “BFF” drama continues after Cynthia is confronted by Kenya regarding statements she made to the other ladies. Joanna and Romain discover more faults in their relationship.

Phaedra reflects on the emotional season she’s undergone with her husband Apollo away at prison and the effect it’s eeal on her life. The third season is the last season of The Real Housewives of Miami to air and has not been on air since November 4, If it doesn’t fit, you move onto the next piece of clothing.


NeNe plays peacemaker in episoce effort to convince Kenya to come hang with the ladies, all while things heat up between the men when Kenya’s new beau Matt clashes with [ Channel Catalog Subsection Seasoon.

Romain and Joanna attend another sex therapy appointment. The housewives come together at Lea’s home for a birthday party. Be sure to look for advice that is available in relationship forums or chat rooms on the Internet.

Porsha meets Dennis’ mother. Lea and Adriana’s argument reaches its peak.

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Retrieved 22 August Keep a “Shop around” Mindset When you go clothes shopping, you probably don’t buy the first outfit you see.

It’s the time of the year for Lea and RJ to make their annual trip back home to Texas. The Masked Singer 7. Adrianna and Joanna come together in an attempt to put their differences side and become friends. Episodes Season 1 2 3.

Although on a much-needed break, Nene still struggles with the hardships of being Gregg’s caretaker. Karent Sierra, who joined during the second season, was let go from the series due to being bicoastal, filming The Doctors in L.

Retrieved May 7, As Gregg’s birthday approaches, tension builds between the Leakes as Nene deals with the mounting pressure of being his caretaker. Maybe it’s preferable to even break up a relationship or learn how to manage a long-distance relationship. Joanna and Romain’s wedding has finally arrived. To discover more relationship tips, visit http: Alexia and Lisa receive some promising news.