The sheriff’s men run away, and Phoebe Hood and her merry crew give everyone back their things, but they cannot find Chloe’s slippers, because they were stolen by Maxingham, who returns to King Colosso with no money. Little do they know that Smith has a grudge on the twins because she blames them for ruining her prom. So, she tries to set them up and tricks them into playing basketball together. Retrieved June 20, Colosso offers to tell them spooky stories to scare them off. They perform a private concert for her.

They agree to try harder to work together. Hank fights to stop him while Max and Phoebe work together to freeze the boiling lava before it erupts. So, they reveal to him that the video was fake. Max quickly realizes the consequences of living in a house without rules and can no longer handle it. As punishment, they turn Balfour into a rabbit. He turns out to be allergic to a lot of things, causing Phoebe to be left behind with him. Max pleads to his parents to let him move back in and, after promising to follow all the house rules, his parents allow him to move back in. After missing Chloe’s pre-school graduation, Phoebe and Max realize that they’ve been spending so much time together training for Z-Force and not enough time with their family.

At night, Max is visited by different versions of Phoebe as Christmas Spirits. However, after their parents look at a picture about the story of Heinrich, pnline, including Cousin Blobbin, find out that the fllral used the time machine. After escaping, the twins explain to their grandfather that Colosso helped save them because he is becoming a better person. During the doubles game at the country club, Max uses telekinesis to help Phoebe do well in the game.


When Barb and Hank’s former sidekick comes to visit, Max and Phoebe borrow him without their parental approval. Meanwhile, Nora and Billy believe that Mrs.

The twins try to fix Billy and Nora but it proves impossible.

The Thundermans S04 – Ep25 Side-Kicking and Screaming HD Watch

He decides to fry the family’s brains including Max until they are acting like rabbits. In the final test, he exposes them to dangerous lasers, but when he gets stuck on a magnetized logo, the twins forfeit the test to save him. He realizes that he needs to rescue his family.

When a huge storm makes it impossible for the Thundermans to go out for Halloween and causes the house to onlne power, Dr. So, Phoebe and Max interview for a job at Mrs. Retrieved June 28, Little do they know that Smith has a grudge on the twins because she blames them for ruining her prom.

Due to Candi Falconman’s evil plot to make everyone like her, Phoebe and Max risk returning to stop her plot.

Retrieved February 28, A fierce battle then ensues between the Thundermans and Dark Mayhem and his squad which ends up with Max taking Dark Mayhem’s powers. So, they come up with a plan to set Sarah and Gideon up by tricking them into a meal at Splatburger.

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She uses it to save the twins. Wong sees Max all muddy, she concludes that Max did it. Colosso tips off Bradford. But it turns out that the gadget still worked after all. Wong a kindness pinch, making Mrs.


The Thundermans Season 3 Episode 8

After being told that she can’t be with a guy who hurts people just for laughs, Max promises Allison that he will quit pranking. There are two different endings flora this episode. Max instead falls for Quinn and tries to get her to date him but she just wants Link.

After realizing that they weren’t supposed to sell it, Max tries to get the box back but Cedric refuses to give back Electress’s whip – unless it’s to Electress herself. Meanwhile, Nora and Billy must find a dance routine for their school talent show. Max and Nora realize they’re bad influence on each other. However, he soon learns the truth that he really is not her boyfriend, according to her. Luckily, Phoebe gets Chloe to teleport her to Metroburg.

Colosso admits to committing the crime but says he only did it because he loves Suppoet and didn’t want to lose him to Maddy. Meanwhile, Max ditches his band after getting advice from Dr.

This worries Phoebe but she fails to tell Link because Link wants her to get along with Quinn. When everyone meets Allison, they assume that she is Max’s girlfriend, but Max says she isn’t, while Allison thought they were dating and runs out of the house.