I guess I didn’t dislike this episode It makes me happy. You may be interpreting stuff too literally. Yappy is a present to Kei from Yahiro. My rating for Toradora then was about for the first maybe 7 episodes, because it was “just another romantic comedy series. Different between novel ending and anime ending:

I probably will give it another go sometime They were in the manga too. Toradora involves the story of the girls and their thinking development towards love. I’m glad I stuck with it. And the kiss got blocked … What the fuck? I am sure of this cause Kushieda can see inner strengths I learned that in 3. I appear to be incapable of following Rules 16 and 17 , so I had to have a mod change my sig for me.

And yes, the kiss scene is a favorite Lots of crazy emotions! Though the translations may differ between people, the general meaning stays intact. All the excitement and rage is there in its purest form.

No way, no way, no way. At last they understand their feeling which is both fruit and color. It looks like he doesn’t see Taiga as a girlfriend at all! But they are starting to see that quality within each other, and from there reflect what it means when turned inward. I guess the translation was wrong in the link you’ve provided in this part I think the translation is a fair one. Throughout ‘Mercury is Retrograde at Christmas,’ we see the other main characters also begin to take up this transformation, along with all the pain and confusion that comes with it.

D gets better and better The song continues its flavor bazinga!


Toradora! Episode 5 Discussion

Dont go through the orange, instead let the orange go through you! Epidode have more free time and can do better things now. For me there is no discussion about it.

My fave couple throughout the story is Tadashi-Akira. And Yacchan is awesome and so is Tanaka Rie the teacher. That whole intervention was just awkward. Anyways, some screencaps just for the heck of it: She will never live Shana down just like Orlando Bloom will never live Legolas down. Well, at least I can say that the anime got more people interested in the manga. I will agreed with that. Felli disapproves of this thread.

And wow, Minori looked seriously pissed there for a few seconds when she got right up in Ryuuji’s face.

So far that fact didn’t have much concern in the anime anymore. Sadly I gave up on Toradora about 15 minutes into the flxvor episodes I thought emo Minorin was pathetic but the yandere version was surprisingly even more bland. Im not too familiar with “fake” characters like Ami Sailor Mercury ftw: I was amazed that it came to something like this rather than even try to let things develop properly.

Finn cameo… Episore made my day.

Toradora! Episode 23 Discussion

Very emotionally intense, I didn’t see that coming and it left me speechless for a few seconds. BBCode Thanks, person who gave me this on another site a long time ago, lol. This is the kind of stuff that I love this show for!

There is no C and D, GG just made it up to drop the show they emitted it them selves, stop worring. The fruit wants to hurry up And turn orange-colored Basking in your light means that the girls want to be more matured, like a still unripe orange that wants to be ripe.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I enjoyed this series. Wow, that Ami reminds me of girls I went to school with! She might end up as one of my favourite tsunderes. Actually I really forgot that he was the evil-looking guy. Minori’s letter was so cute! The driving message of Toradora is not so much how the characters evolve, but how all their concepts of love evolve. Also, that is probably one of the best confessions I’ve seen too.

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I find it difficult to even sympathize with Ami even while there is epispde clarity now about her motives to stay back. But I got to admit that she has become less preppy and more badass lately I searched for other translations and it goes as what you said, so I better edit my answer.

Ooo, the sixth one.