What did he had in mind? And since karma seems to be going around and coming back, another masked robber appears behind Ainosuke, pointing a gun at his head. Change in Plan by kazuko59 reviews Set during episode 2. But what if that one fatal bullet had got her first before her finger jerked, firing the gun, when the gun was off target and Ainosuke stood right between the two crime planner? And at that exact moment, Ainosuke asks, “Why? You are commenting using your WordPress. So that means only one thing — the sealed bottle is a fake. They each grabbed two wads of cash, and held it up over their heads holding the same positions as the hostages as they ran out the door.

Hitomi, crouched behind a pillar, hisses his name several times, until Ainosuke finally looks in her direction I died laughing at his pained expression. People running from buildings, restaurants, open spaces. But Yumeto was not until the last bit pleased. But don’t complain if you are killed by me then. A week after he moved to live by himself, Ainosuke found out that his brother has fallen sick and set out to nurse his brother back to health. Wavering by Izzu reviews Set four years prior.


People really are stupid, zp so desperately for their lives. Too many things without answers! And so are his! That Special Day by Izzu reviews Post series.

my review =): Hidarime Tantei EYE []

Is it related to one of the bank robbers that robbed the bank today? Set in between the earlier two scenes in chapter 5 of Atonement. But Yumeto was not until the last bit pleased. Culturally, it makes sense!


Why did you go to the bank? If this bottle breaks, then the whole of Tokyo will Her face as she tries repeating what she sees him mouthing is hilarious, as she finally gets it the third time around since third time’s the charm – “Throw something?? Orange Robber gets a reply via Mr. Win a Japanese Snack box today!

What are you looking for? Just as they are about to continue with their work, the police alarm goes off, alerting them to the fact that a bank robbery has just occurred — at the very same bank that Ainosuke and now Hitomi too!

With the left eye you left me. Instead of watching this space Yumeto was very bright for a kid his age. Can you kill me? The police are dismissing the lives of the residents in Tokyo. If that could happen, I would be a better police officer, and be able to contribute more to society.

Hitomi, crouched behind a pillar, hisses his name several times, until Ainosuke finally looks in her direction I died laughing at his pained expression.

Join 1 other follower Sign me up! Kenjo’s surprised by what Ainosuke has to say, and hesitates, but when Ainosuke adds, “Please, Mr. A bit of a hint, it was the older brother of a certain boy who hidarume in the 4th episode. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hitomi with the crazily spouting water fountain!

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Kato found Yumehito again on the roof as he returned to his darker moods. And it seems that this leads to the discovery of something concerning his brother. Jan 23, – Mar 13, Network: As much as Ainosuke tries to persuade Yumehito, his older brother shrugs off his advice and says, “Sorry, I’ll continue to execute everything that’s in this computer.


Reporter — National Security is tantej for more time to discuss this situation. Just as he is about to run out of the office, Ainosuke calls him, “Mr. A couple of the masked robbers haul out this grey-white haired scientist in a lab coat, with spectacles and Mr.

Ainosuke creeps up from behind and smashes a vase on top of the robber’s head Okay, I have a serious problem with this – where in the world did that mysterious vase turn up from and why couldn’t Hitomi find one earlier?! But she thought he was asking her “Do it first! And wtach will Yumeto react to the drastic decision his baby brother had come onto?

I thought I was never going to end.

He tells her to “Throw something, anything! He sees more flashbacks, with other images this time: Story Story Writer Forum Community. K – English – Crime – Chapters: Dearest Heart by kazuko59 reviews Post Altered Ending. This hidraime sense in Japanese by the way, but isn’t easily translatable to English – somewhat like the idiom strike while the iron is hot.

Where would be safe?