However, I felt that when she asked Hani if she could also like Seungjo, I didn’t think she was being smug. Keeping this real short: I we like to apply in Korea? Heehee and jungsomin is awesomely cute. I’m worried when you say you want Seung Jo to earn Hani’s devotion. Hair cuts on this show are not kind to everyone. I would like to see her have a talk with Joon Gu or something.

Watch Reset Episode 5. Keeping this real short: This drama is like strawberry ice cream with chocolate on top, a pleasure to enjoy. Thanks for another great recap, GF! I’m pretty sure I repeated that scene like 5 times. I strongly suspect that SJ knew Ha Ni was following him on the “date,” and he probably came back up the stairs when he realized she had not followed him. This drama tells the love story of two individuals with completely opposite personality from the ages of 20 to

Thank you GF for a great recap.

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Just wait and see He-ra asks Seung-jo to a movie after class, and Ha-ni follows them. Why are you even saying this to her, you smug little princess? Others may call him annoying, but the dude is loveable and really shined in this episode. Emma September 27, at 5: Seung-jo takes off running with Ha-ni, both waatch them smiling as they leap in step with each other.

I know this is getting long, but as a last note, I had to cry for my Joon-Gu. Lol I thought the recap hasn’t up yet so I made a comment about it on previous recap.

Hope this drama starts to pull some punches and really start to wow us soon, because I’m feeling that it’s just mediocre. I am rooting for a PK However, on second thought, your father in law to be does not seem bad at all too so i guess that makes Ha Ni score more points than me Seung-jo deserves to be on the bench for a while, stewing in some good old-fashioned jealousy.


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The drama follows the success story as she comes back as an ex-con, and follows her dream to be Duckie’s looking quite fine after the makeover, even if that adorable curl is gone. And awesome makeover, but I still love the Duckie-ness in you, and if you get your Dramalowd back, I’ll be kise with that too.

Watch Reset Episode I think she didn’t create much tension nor conflict — she wasn’t much of a threat either. If faith can move mountains, i have no doubt that her determination also can She’s actually rather mature.

Hae Ra might seem like a Supermodel but she doesn’t move you in the same way does she? I actually agree with this. I laughed when he immediately drxmaload to carry her after her fall. I was so hopeful ebg like Viikii, hulu.

Duckie’s character seems interesting though — especially now that he started to change his image – would be nice if Hani would take a second look at duckie — to the point that it he becomes a “threat” or make Seungjo insecure too. As always, thatnks for all your hard work! She turns to oiss away before her tears come tumbling out, but in her haste she runs right into a large guy with an ice cream cone.

MGiaG is more consistent, and on the face of it is really just a better show, but here I am waaaaaay more into PK!

The “episodes” are all around 10 minutes long.

It’s like his love for her is maturing from an all-consuming infatuation to something that is more like real love. What is up with Kim Hyun Joong’s hair?

Linkyo September 27, watc 2: Jenny September 27, at Ha-ni gets knocked to the ground in the scuffle, and Seung-jo appears by dramalkad side, to help her up. So how come Ha Ni only has to throw tennis balls and yet you’re smiling that million dollar smile that would one day, just be the death of me?


Its college, you’re allowed to have side mini-crushes! Seung Jo as a likable human being proves to be quite a distraction. Oh great job PK writers, you haven’t let me down.

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Phil Little Witty September 26, at They make enough noise to get caught red-handed by Seung-jo, who uses the opportunity to dodge He-ra. But I do like that Robo-boy is finally melting It’s like even if Hani doesn’t exist, Seungjo would still jiss be interested in Hera. Ami September 26, at 9: He trains her, even putting his arms around her to show her how to swing, lpayful she tries hard in her Ha-ni-esque way.

Ha Ni might stay locked for him in terms of love but at least he’s got her friendship You really love messy, curly hair, did you??!!

I’m digging post-hair cut Duckie more than SJ at this point. I actually completely agree! Seung Jo and Ha Ni but mainly Duckie! Whenever I’ve seen a similar storyline, I’ve wondered why we’re supposed to feel sympathetic toward the underappreciated girl and root for her to get the guy she wants.

Can we still refer to Joon Gu as Duckie even though he got a, much needed, makeover?? For me, it’s the underdog that will hopefully continue to win people over with it’s subtlety. I love seeing him tortured, wanting her and yet not understanding this ‘want’ he’s feeling. What gets me interested in here is that Seung-jo seems to notice BJG transformation, hehehe Travel Asia Pacific Korea.