I watch part of The Racer but could not get all the episodes in dailymotion. It’s funny to see how they try to have fun even in the midst of dull army life. While we wait impatiently to see AMH in 5th episode, it’s great to visit this thread and read about Hyungsik. He doesn’t seem to be making any effort to look cool or anything. I wish to watch it cause it’s very hard to get pre video of him except Children of Empire. I honestly can go on and on about Park Hyung Sik, haha. Special Appearance with Jang Hyuk.

Guest with Kwanghee, Defconn, Jo Jung-chi. Actually now that I’m posting these videos, there’s a whole bunch of them Episode August January 25 July 25 – I will definitely go watch Real Men. Guest with Kwanghee, Siwan. Posted March 11,

By larus Started September 14, Add and Subtract Game.

BTOB Shows Compilation ’12 – Current | ENG SUB

Now, her trails of thought is temporary curtailed, witnessing the same pervert episode 1 molesting woman in the train. I’m thinking he might’ve been a cast for awhile in this show? He was already meters away when she tries to trace him to no avail. Season 3 Episode February September Did you watch it? A was never very popular, and PHS was also in the back.


Episode August Story Show Hwa Su Boon. April 12, July 5. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The previous editor put him as “member of now defunct group ZE: I do agree that PHS does have that ebg image, but even know he does have this image, I do know he isn’t actually like that in real life.

Guest with Kevin, Cofe. Let me know if I made any mistake. Actually now that I’m posting these videos, there’s a whole bunch of them Season 1, Season 2 Episode 1.

A and Park Hyung Sik! There are still a lot of missing information especially from Real Men- Go to Sochi.


I even still not yet finish real man torrent,but try to find all those video later thanks again. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Wow, I sound like I know him in real life or something Sign in Already have an account?

If we look at Wiki for ZE: Guest with Kwanghee, Minwoo, Dongjun. The watdh thing is though, I’m not sure where everybody gets the information Episode 5 and Episode In her imagination, the sparkling medieval weapon hovers till it reaches her hand and she gapes at it.


The thing is though, the word he uses means like “atmosphere” so it’s hard to translate it from Korean to English It’s three musketeers musical,looks like he do it every year.

Guest with Kwanghee, Siwan. I missed out Radio Star as there is no episode mentioned and not particularly like that episode.

The start of the episode, env s using his own cars? Fishing Village 2, episode 1,2 and 3. World Changing Quiz Show. Guest with Park Seo joon and Choi Minho. Episode SoDa siblings.