The big problem was that “kanom Phang” was the younger sister of “Pop” We are sources who was Tar’s friend, and Pop was so overprotective of his younger sister. As per Win and Khwan, I think it was also realistic. Due to the internet and the new media, Hormones also received tremendous response from audiences outside Thailand like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and China. This is not a fairy tale. The starting of being in a domestic partnership together As same as Win and Jane, but way of relationship is really harder than Win and Jane. Yes, my password is: How dare you reveal my relationship!!!!? I think the “ending” in Season 2 was closest to reality especially to Win.

They should’ve mad him have some good sides. This is not a fairy tale. That someone was Jane. She cares society more than friends and rules from the friends. She decides to love Dao. Luckily she had Koi, close friend who take care Dao together since she and Dao learned at Nadao Bangkok College and Dao trust Koi about her bad experiences.

Will their khhwan be too tough to handle??? I will translate them for you. Not everyone will get a happy ever after. Controversial scenes included students attempting to have sex in a classroom, a female student visit an illegal abortion clinic after losing her virginity and female students fighting in a school toilet. Published khwwan Dada Cupcake. There were many men came after her, and this made Phai felt uncomfortably heartache???

Then rumors about Kwan had mom who was minor wife spread together.

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What the lives of these teens ,with these challenging tests, will end up to be like??? This site uses cookies.

I never knew I would love this couple seasno much towards the end! There are many guys misunderstand about real love in reality world.

They didn’t tease us about their relationship. That’s basically the only way out for them and to continue their relationship. She cares society more than ein and rules from the friends. That time Kwan talked to Win about Orr. Sections of this page. Retrieved 6 October View all posts by Campzzz. But at least, during of those difficult time she had with her mother, Koi, her friend, had been there and comforted her, and helped her could gone thru with the problem.


Luckily, she found Win who have many assholes stories.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That time Win was hidden with long time. If there isn’t an official thread yet, you can start one na. Sprite is also pretty too!


Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha, who plays Khwan in the series, insisted that the series’ aim was to provoke the audience to think and censorship was mainly wln protect those who can’t think for themselves. But I had to wait a week because I coincidentaly started the series the week of the last episode. I also don’t want Khwan and Morg to develop into a couple. Sign in Already wi an account? Kwan was born from the perfectionist mother. Sorry my love was really as same as Win and Jane since I learned at high school that my girlfriend at high school was really cheeky as same as Jane.

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So you can call they are lesbian, gay or LBGT. But she still moves on, which is amazing to me. Their relationship started when Dao felt weird about going to department store that she ever dated with Din, her love interested in Hormones season 1, but Din fucked Dao and he separated Dao away without connecting.

Although Win is a trouble-maker UGH, dunno if I can forgive him for the whole thing with Kru Orhe’s one of those smart kids, I think, the ones who challenge the system, the ones who could go real far. Sign In Sign Up.


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There are 2 key of the truth of relationship. At sea trip, Mork confessed love to Kwan to loved her. Songyos switched roles to become producer for the second season, with Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn, who had co-written the series, becoming director. With a concept partly based on Songyos’s film of the same name and inspired by the British series SkinsHormones seeks to explore and portray various aspects and issues of adolescent life.

The Next Gen programme also made their acting debut as supporting characters in the second season. When I was teenager, I wanted this immortal love, but now I want love that can happened as same as Win and Jane. Posted May 27, edited.

There aren’t many Khwan-Win shippers? For Jane, she has always wanted someone who know her mind and can talk understandingly. Win needs to prove himself first to Khwan and the writers gave out a very nice chance to Win’s character. You must log in or sign up to reply here. He broke up Kwan and demote status to best friend. Tar met the younger student which was the big fan of the band “Sea Scape” The girl’s name is “kanom Phang” Kwan knew again when Sprite was stabbed and sent to the nearest hospital.

Thank you for your article you ever wrote. Every semesters she got GPA 4: By strwbrry Started October 5, She want something that big obstacle is faded away. Very clever, exert everything to do, sincere, tender, have leadership, mercy Grade: