He recognizes the face as Mi-nam, and hurries to A. That last scene was so good! Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: He forces himself to eat it instead, and guesses the third secret ingredient that Tae-kyung added: I even took a screenshot, haha: At a loss, Tae-kyung tries to cover up the moment. Please bring them to me and help me repay my debt.

Thanks for the awesome recap! For SW, MN was like a bird flying free from his feelings. Jell shenanigans, the more exciting the series becomes! Mi-ja asks why the singer is so keen on meeting the twins. She just keeps blabbing information to Heyi. MN is so dense and it’s a good thing I can take that at face value because she was very sheltered from a young age, otherwise I would be pulling my hair at all the clues she misses. What am I going to do without YB? All of the characters have a certain amount of depth to them that comes to light as the series progresses.

That was funny too! Leave episoxe Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I don’t think it was to sound egotistic. So, Mi-ja deliberates over the right thing to do.

He types furiously, and the next question receives a 4. Tou that we’ve heard Shinwoo’s song, please put that in there too!!!! I know Mi-nyeo is hardly the brightest star in the sky — or moon — but she can baeutiful be dense. Still have 4 more episodes to go so no telling where the next angsty bump might be. Your email address will not be published. You mean the scene Tae Kyung epizode chased by the wild pig?


So TK hasn’t really committed to returning her feelings, just to seeing that she has feelings for him and has had for some time? Forget it, it was nothing to me too. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

It’s so sad to think it’s almost dramacrazh The wacky appeal of the earlier episodes was because so much zany stuff flew at us unexpectedly, and that kept us on our toes: She tests her theory by asking Mi-nyeo for help zipping up her dress — which she does without any problem.

I hated his hairstyle and outfits. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I have to say though I miss the humor from the beginning of the series, since it has been pretty angsty lately.

Nice Guy image it’s a pretty irresisitable package! The actors did a great job in portraying their characters. Like a sir Ian: She and Shin-woo are going to visit his parents to explain the situation before the article comes out. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand to wrap up the first quarter of our review, I beautitul uninitiated will ask Katie the expert about the future. It’s so in character. For a moment I thought Heyi was the cake rather than the bride! The story was very well written and the I love how it was directed.

There are some character relationships emerging by this point too, yes? Was it out of anger?

Episode 13

If it wasn’t for your drama posts I probably not got a chance to learn about this drama. Haven’t read it yet but just wanted to thank you ahead of time. Some characters are denser than others Katie: Episode 12 epksode my favorite episode so far. AHHH so excited for next week’s episodes!! What is Go Mi-nam to me?


Hopefully after this drama is done you would have garnered more loyal fans. You’re especially fast this time!!!!!!!!!! Tae-kyung tells her encouragingly that she can do it, and to let Shin-woo do the talking.

The my star and moon part.

K-drama Review : You’re Beautiful | What I have shown you is reality

It sounds so cocky, but once you get why he said, it’s really sweet. As she peers into the hallway at his room, he walks by, and the two freeze uncomfortably.

She cannot see this man’s worth, so how can she be together with him? Go get a copy of the show and start watching! Hwa-ran decides this must be the girl, not the boy. This was the highlight of my entire day!!!

He was the one I was most attracted to in the first few episodes. I even took a screenshot, haha: You really have to give credit to the writers for that.